Tips for Parenting Your Pisces Child

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“I don’t understand my daughter,” Trina said. “She’s so open and loving one minute, then totally non-responsive and unreachable the next. It’s been like this ever since middle school. I know this is a terrible age, but—help!”

“Simon is a good kid,” Maxwell told me. “But now that he’s a teenager, I feel like I can’t reach him anymore or figure out what motivates him. He was a great student before, and now it’s like he doesn’t care.”

“Molly is a complete daydreamer,” Lana confided. “I’m worried about her now that she’s in second grade. What should I do?”

These clients all have something in common: they are parents of Pisces children.

I like using astrology with parent-child issues because it is practical and helps parents understand their child better. Astrology can’t iron out the terrible twos or solve all the ups and downs of adolescence, but it can help parents tailor their parenting strategies to be more successful.

Of course, no two people are the same, even if they have the same Sun sign. To really understand your child through astrology, it’s best to have a complete chart done. Still, understanding the Sun sign is a great start. The Sun exemplifies the essence of the soul; it might not be how the child appears to the world, but it will describe the core of their being.

Parents with Pisces children needs to know that this sign is the most compassionate and sensitive, easily absorbing the energies around them. Natural dreamers, they will need help setting boundaries, finding personal power, and identifying themselves as individuals. They are the most spiritually focused sign and may show early interest in spiritual or metaphysical topics—something parents can support and encourage.

The Energy Sponge

Trina’s daughter, Amy, hit puberty in middle school and was struggling with her identity among her peers. She was an extremely sensitive child—classic Pisces—and was having trouble processing her own emotional ups and downs, let alone those of her friends. I explained to Trina that Pisces Suns are like sponges, capable of soaking up all the energy around them without even knowing they are doing it. They are naturally clairsentient and must learn to create energetic boundaries.

Amy was compassionate and easygoing—other classic Pisces traits—but she was disassociating once home from school, spacing out for hours in her room and unable to participate fully in family life. I recommended that Trina teach Amy about psychic boundaries so she could protect herself from taking on the tumultuous energy of others. I told her about Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine techniques and explained some other methods of psychic protection. Because Amy was naturally contemplative, I also suggested exploring some meditation techniques to find balance as Amy came into her Pisces Sun power—that of the empathic, compassionate dreamer.

The Lazybones

Maxwell’s son, Simon, had turned into what Maxwell called “an unmotivated screen-slug,” watching TV during all free time and falling behind in school. Maxwell had no idea how to motivate Simon, who had previously been a creative, self-entertaining kid.

Simon was having a common Pisces coming-of-age issue: finding meaning in the mundane. Simon’s family was typical: busy with him and his two siblings, jobs, and other facets of everyday life. Simon wasn’t exposed to any spiritual or philosophical tradition and, having grown out of his pre-adolescent creative explorations, his Pisces soul was longing for fuel.

Maxwell admitted that Simon had wanted to join the film club at school, but he and his wife didn’t have the time and money for another activity. Simon had also wanted to visit a local Buddhist center to meditate, but Maxwell was adamantly adverse to religion and wouldn’t take him. I pointed out (gently) that Simon’s Pisces desire for spiritual food and creativity had been squashed, so the modern escapist coping mechanism had seeped in: screens. If he wanted Simon to stay motivated, the best approach was to help him develop his creativity and spirituality.

Daydream Believer

Molly exemplified another common Pisces trait: the dreamer. Pisces needs time to dream, feel inspired, and just be. Lana had Molly on a very busy schedule with soccer and Girl Scouts, and as a single mom, she also needed Molly to help out at home. Molly was always busy, so her dreamtime occurred during school.

Conventional school situations often aren’t great for Pisces kids—the time is too structured and there isn’t enough room for creativity. Many parents of Pisces children choose alternative schools that are more creative and experiential. Of course, this isn’t always possible. Lana couldn’t afford a private school, but after realizing that Molly would rather do art than soccer, she found an after school program that was the perfect creative outlet.

I also advised her to give Molly more “dreamtime” at home. Lana turned some chores into fun play acting or story-time sessions, which worked better for Molly. While a Pisces child is seldom super focused at school, they can be good learners when they have balance in their lives.

Pisces children often struggle a bit, especially once they hit the teenaged years. They have big hearts and open spirits, and as kids, they typically don’t have outlets to develop that (in our culture). Creativity, exposure to spirituality or philosophy, and opportunities to participate in service are key to helping them avoid the typical Piscean escape routes. In addition, they need time to daydream (not the same as vegging out on TV for hours). Parents of Pisces kids must understand that these souls are sensitive, empathetic, and able to merge with the suffering and emotions of others. Therefore, learning basic energetic and emotional boundary setting is essential. Once parents understand the unique needs of their Pisces child, they can create strategies to motivate, inspire, and nurture this innately cosmic sign of the Zodiac.

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