Mother’s Day Gifts Based on the Stars

Mother's Day 2015

Whether you’re considering your own mom or the mother of your children, choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be a real challenge. There’s just so much riding on it! What’s the best way to show her how much she means to you, and how much you appreciate the many things she does for the entire family? Basing her gift on her Zodiac sign is the best way to be sure you’ll choose something she loves — something that matches her personality perfectly.


Sentimental gifts may miss the mark for an adventurous Aries mom. Gift her instead with salsa dancing lessons or a new tennis racket, to tap into her active, competitive side. Bikram yoga classes, a pair of gorgeous candles, or a crème brulee set would also mesh with her fiery nature. And whatever she loves doing, she’ll adore a new MP3 player pre-loaded with her favorite tunes, so she can do her thing to a great soundtrack.


Sensual Taurus moms are pleasure-oriented, so anything that smells, smells, tastes, sounds or feels wonderful is sure to be a hit. A gift certificate for a massage, pedicure or full-on spa day will make her feel pampered. Cooking lessons, perhaps for some type of ethnic cuisine, will also hit the mark. She probably has a green thumb, so she’ll love a pretty houseplant. And she loves anything lovely and well made, such as jewelry, a scarf or a handbag.


A witty, intellectual Gemini mom loves a fascinating new book or a magazine subscription. A new Smartphone will help her keep in touch with her many friends, and a digital voice recorder or a nice pen and small blank book will help her keep track of her many ideas and observations. A bag filled with several small, complementary gifts will also satisfy her love of variety.


There’s no need to get overly creative with sentimental Cancer mamas on Mother’s Day. A framed photo of the children or grandchildren will tap right into that soft heart of hers, as will anything handmade, heartfelt and meaningful. Since Cancer moms work hard to protect the ones they love, thank her with a silk robe or a massage gift certificate, or with an act of service to make her feel more secure — installing a new security system, perhaps, or updating her fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.


A stylish Leo mama loves new designer duds or jewelry that shows everyone how much she is loved. She would also adore a shopping spree at her favorite mall or store. Hardworking and ambitious, she might love a new leather briefcase or, alternatively, a day of total relaxation at the spa. Since she’s dramatic at heart, tickets to a play or improv classes would also be right up her alley.  


A Virgo mother is both thrifty and refined. She’ll love any gift that taps into her elegant nature, as long as it doesn’t cost too much! She’s also a health nut, so gym classes or a gift card to a health food store is right up her alley. Since she loves staying organized, she’ll also adore a gift that helps her organize her pantry or closet — especially if you install it for her (she’s always the one helping everyone else!).


The Libra mom in your life just wants to feel appreciated, and she’s most comfortable when everyone she loves is together and getting along well. She also loves gifts that tap into her stylish, artistic nature, or her love of balance. Think barre exercise or painting classes, a lovely bottle of wine, or a family dinner at an upscale restaurant, where everyone can mix and mingle while enjoying excellent cuisine.


A Scorpio mama is like the family sleuth and psychologist rolled into one — she always knows what’s going on under the surface with everyone she loves. This Mother’s Day, gift her with a new mystery novel, a journal with a locking mechanism, or a new home security system. If you’re gifting your wife, tap into her passionate nature with a box of scented massage oils and a copy of the Kama Sutra.


Sagittarius mamas love adventure and exploring. They want to gobble up any and every experience the world has to offer! So gift yours with a surprise day trip or weekend getaway, or dinner at an ethnic restaurant she’s never tried before. Since she’s a lifelong learner, she’ll also love a framed photograph of someplace exotic, or a how-to book that will teach her a new skill or hobby.


Capricorn mamas work very hard to support their families, whether within or outside the home. If you can get her to agree to take time off for some pampering, she’ll love a massage, manicure or a trip to a winery. She has expensive tastes, and would love a cashmere sweater or some fine leather gloves. If she’s athletic, give her a new tennis racket or a gym membership so she can hone her skills.


The best gift for an Aquarius mama might be something you happen upon in a flea market, thrift shop or antique store — something unique and one-of-a-kind. Plus, her eco-conscious side will love the “reuse and recycle” aspect of a gift from a resale shop! She’ll also love new innovations, such as the latest tech app or gadget; a gift certificate for a session with a homeopath or a reflexologist; or a charitable donation made in her honor.


Pisces moms are imaginative, creative, whimsical and sentimental. Most of all, they want to feel connected with the ones they love. Thus, yours is sure to adore anything you give her, whether it’s a beautiful blown-glass vase, an aquarium of rainbow-hued fish, or simply a fistful of wildflowers. Tap into her creative side with a set of watercolors or a pottery class, or treat her to a weekend getaway to the lake or ocean.

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