Pisces Man Aries Woman Compatibility


If Pisces and Aries want to get together, get ready to work and talk. There are some fundamental oppositions between these two. The Pisces man Aries woman pairing can work out, as can any relationship, but it may take more work and understanding of how the other person ticks in order to reach optimal compatibility. The good news is that both like to talk in depth, but the not so good news is that there’s got to be a lot of compromise between these two to avoid a massive misunderstanding.

Aries and Pisces: Traits and Tendencies

The Aries woman is a go-getter, an initiator, a bold personality. Even introverted Aries can be more matter of fact and seem blunt about goals and opinions. She’s not as in your face as someone like a Sagittarius woman, but she knows what she wants. She can seem too forthright when dealing with someone who is very sensitive unless she knows that the other person needs psychic space. The good news is that she’s understanding and generally tolerant of differences.

The Pisces man — well, he’s likely to be more reticent. Even extroverted Pisces who will be more open with others will still have that private, spiritual side. He can seem a bit absent-minded — he’s not dumb or ignoring you, it’s just his mind going off on its own. There’s a really serious side to the Pisces native, even if that person has great sense of humor.

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Planets and Personalities

One thing these two have in common — but not in a good way — is that they can both become very stubborn in the wrong circumstances. A lot of it has to do with the planetary rulers.

Aries is ruled by Mars. Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Boundaries are in order.

Aries can become headstrong and not that understanding of others if their way of looking at things would mean she’d have to do things very differently. Don’t misunderstand – Aries can be very open-minded and fair. But for personal issues, and her personal ways of doing things, an Aries woman can become very stubborn if she thinks she’s right.

The Pisces man has a bit of the generic authority about him; that’s Jupiter showing up, and here’s where it gets tricky. Mars is beneath Jupiter in the hierarchy of deities and Mars has been known to try to disobey Jupiter. So, you have one headstrong sign ruled by a headstrong planet meeting up with a quieter sign ruled by the planet that technically has command over Mars. Add Neptune’s foggy masking abilities to Pisces’ personality and you have some ego clashes on the horizon unless both partners really work to get along.

And Neptune is no slouch. This planet’s influence may seem on the surface like it would be gentle, but don’t forget that Neptune was king of the vast sea (and nothing is as it seems with Neptune). This can often surface as authority in a religious or spiritual sense, but it can also show up as the sense that Pisces is right and others are vastly wrong. And yes, true to that foggy, masking nature, he can get passive-aggressive in his disapproval instead of being straightforward.

An Aries woman is the initiator, the first sign, the sign of “let’s get going.” It’s a cardinal sign, too — she starts things. She gets ideas. She’s going to do her thing.

A Pisces man isn’t opposed to a partner being independent. On the contrary, Pisces often has to go his own way, too, despite being a community-minded sign. This is because, as a mutable sign that’s the last sign in the zodiac, there is this weird tendency for others to treat Pisces like a follower. That can be distressing because Pisces isn’t necessarily dependent on others. He needs care, yes, but he has a mind of his own. It could be that sensitivity showing through, but in any case, Aries’ natural leadership could clash badly with Pisces’ need to be his own person if Aries doesn’t allow for that independence.

If these two recognize the differences, they can compensate for them. A situation where Aries is actually in a leadership position and Pisces is an underling could be fine. But if the two are supposed to be equal partners, Aries, you’ve got to let Pisces run his own side of things. Don’t mistake wanting lots of input for being unable to lead.

Pisces, give Aries a bit of a break here, too. Chances are, she’s not trying to take over your life, but she’s just showing her natural tendency to take the reins. Obviously, don’t lose yourself. There is a point where that Arian spunk turns into overbearingness. But try to make the distinction between energy and malevolence.

And speaking of malevolence… there’s another planetary clash. This one has to do with the concepts of malefics and benefics. If you look this up, you’ll see that Vedic astrology tends to use these concepts more, but they exist to an extent in Western Tropical astrology, too. Mars is considered a malefic and Jupiter a benefic. That doesn’t mean Mars is mean, but Mars can create turbulence. Jupiter is a benefic and considered expansive and lucky, often giving situations a go-with-the-flow, let-it-come-to-me attitude.

As a result, Aries women may seem more aggressive than Pisces likes, and Pisces men may seem to let more slide than Aries would like. If both partners understand why, this might not be a problem. But if one or both insists that his or her way is right, then the relationship could suffer.

In Business, Friendship, and Love

If these two are business partners, two issues stand out. One is the cardinal-mutable pairing; this partnership needs additional help with the day-to-day work. Cardinals come up with the ideas, and mutables refine the process — but that leaves all the boring daily details undone. The other issue is that both of you need a clear understanding of who is running what and who answers to whom. The Piscean partner needs and deserves respect, and Aries needs to back off when in Pisces’ work territory.

As friends, this will work if Aries is careful not to run over Pisces’ requests. C’mon, Aries, sometimes you can slow down and let Pisces pick the activity. Chances are you’ll end up having a ton of fun and learn new things.

If the two signs are lovers, approach each other with care. Arian fire can cause Piscean water to evaporate, and Piscean water can extinguish Arian fire. Each sign needs space and communication. Plan your mutual activities in advance and have regular household meetings to arrange work on the home or activities requiring both of your participation.

It would really help both partners to get an astrological reading. The other chart factors affecting each person can make or break the relationship. The Aries woman Pisces man pairing is by no means doomed, but it needs work, and a personal astrology reading gives both partners more information and suggestions for handling events as they arise.



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