Psychic Events to Look Out for in December

Sagittarius constellation

We’re almost past the 2020 finish line and despite the fact that December is traditionally spent celebrating the holidays, there’s no doubt that most of us are glad to see the year come to an end. As we’re continuing to practice social distancing and adapt our lives while living in stressful and uncertain times, astrological forces are still at play. Here’s what to expect this month, cookies and cocktails not included.

December, 1: Mercury Enters Sagittarius 

The month begins on an optimistic note, so don’t ignore any feelings of self-confidence. Even though communications may be more illuminated, you may find it hard to concentrate, so try to stay focused while maintaining a positive and open mind

December, 14: New Moon Solar Eclipses in Sagittarius 

The first solar ellipse we experienced happened on June 21st and now it’s time for the last — but it’s also a total solar eclipse, which means it can be seen in South Africa; most of South America; the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans, and even Antarctica. While this is a good time to expand your mind, hold off on starting anything new or signing important documents for the moment. 

December, 15: Venus Enters Sagittarius 

Call it perfect timing since Christmas just ten days away, but matters of the heart and your wallet become looser and more daring when Venus enters Saggitarius, so it’s a perfect time to pucker up under the mistletoe. Just be sure not to spend beyond your means because you’re feeling a bit more bold than usual. 

December, 16: Saturn Re-enters Sagittarius

This important planetary shift forces us to do a little soul searching — what do we believe in? What defines our moral compass? Conclusively, we can come out of this transit with a concrete and lasting belief system that’s influenced by which house of Saturn is transiting for each different astrological sign.

December, 19: Jupiter Enters Aquarius 

This is a period where you may have a strong desire for broadening your horizons and cutting ties from things that no longer serve you. You may wish to embark on new experiences and begin a new phase of your life. Keep an eye out from signs from the universe. 

December, 21: Winter Solstice/Sun Enters Capricorn

Don’t be surprised if the day seems as though it just began even when it’s over. The 21st of December is the darkest and shortest day of the year. Even so, when the sun enters hard-working Capricorn, we become driven to work towards a new goal, focus on our career, and become more organized. 

December 29: Full Moon in Cancer

This particular full moon encourages us to implement self-care and put our needs first — do it, because a full moon in Cancer can spark a rollercoaster of emotions. Work with the universe, not against it. 

Ready to close out 2020? Not sure how to get your mind focused on goals for the new year? Speak to one of our Keen advisors today!

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