What Do Dreams About Spiders Mean?

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When thinking about your favorite dreams, those that involve spiders typically aren’t at the top of the list — the same could probably be said for dreams about snakes. Whether you have a fear of spiders or not, a dream about eight-legged creepy crawlies can be a little unnerving. Every detail of a spider dream (or any dream for that matter) has significance, so stepping on a spider versus being bit by one have two totally different meanings. Killing a spider could mean that you’re putting an end to something in your life that no longer serves you. Being bit, on the other hand, represents a confrontation with a superior female figure, such as your mother. 

If you’re having recurring dreams about spiders, this typically means you have unresolved issues in your life that need attention. For those who suffer from a fear of spiders or even insects in general, having dreams about spiders can be even more stressful than it is for the average person. Don’t worry, though; not all spider dreams have negative connotations. So, what does it mean when you dream about spiders? Read on to find out so that you can put your mind at ease.

What Spiders Can Represent In A Dream 

A Creative Streak 

The core of spider dream interpretation is actually the web, not the spider itself. Spiders in your dream can represent many things, one of which is your ability to plan and demonstrate creativity. If you are an artist strapped for inspiration or even a writer suffering from writer’s block, this can be an extremely welcoming sign. It may mean a new, fresh idea is coming your way that is entirely in tune with who you are and what you desire. This can be a nod to the hidden potential within yourself or a gentle cue to show off a skill you’ve kept hidden out of nervousness. Prepare for the greatness that you are due, and don’t fret over the occasional fly that gets caught in your masterpiece.

Feeling Trapped 

Another spider dream meaning is that you are becoming trapped in the spider’s web. This can be a warning that you are being manipulated by someone close to you. The more you protest, the harder they abuse your emotions in an attempt to become the victim. A web dream is a clear warning to get out of the situation now and not let a silver tongue or teary eye suck you back to your demise. Just like manipulation, a spider’s web is a beautiful tool for the spider but a dangerous nuisance to its prey. Policing your relationships for one-sidedness and manipulative behavior should not be reserved for just intimate relationships. Even toxic friendships can cause just as much stress and drama in your life if allowed.

Feeling Extremely Overwhelmed 

The sight of spiders can provoke fear, so it’s not surprising that they can represent problems stemming from panic and anxiety. Some people dream of swarms of spiders all around them, effectively paralyzing them, which leads to feeling trapped and hopeless. Perhaps you’ve let your problems multiply because you refused to deal with them. Now they are overwhelming you, and you have to take charge.


If you can look past the creepy appearance and appreciate spiders’ usefulness, you may not consider their presence in a dream problematic at all. If you dream of observing a harmless spider simply doing its pest control duties, it can be a sign of friendship and support available to you. Spiders are often associated with women and mothers, as in the insect world, females are generally much larger and more impressive looking than their male counterparts.

Someone Is Looking Out For You 

Some say seeing a spider in your dreams is evidence of some maternal or feminine influence watching over you and passively influencing your good fortune. Whether you truly believe such tales or not, spiders are far more helpful than harmful in nearly all situations. If there is no real threat in your dream, try to see the positive side of the glimpse of nature. Who knows, there may genuinely be a guardian angel watching over you after all.

Learn More About Deciphering Dreams & Dream Readers 

Unlike more frequently seen dreams such as flying, drowning, or fire, interpreting those with spiders can be much more difficult. The much-maligned spider may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t always mean gloom and doom when it is the center point of your dreams. With that in mind, the best way to make sense of your dreams is by reaching out to a dream interpretation psychic to get the answers you need. It’s often hard to decode the images and messages in our dreams ourselves. An objective mind is helpful, and a psychic can contact your guide team or work with angels or other guides to help you see the meaning in your night visions. For some people, dreams are one of the main ways their sub and superconscious minds communicate with them. A psychic can assist you in making the most of this valuable resource. To help you prepare for your chat, here’s what you can expect from a dream interpretation reading so that you can get the most out of your session.

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