Sagittarius Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius Man with Cancer Woman

He’s always on the prowl, ready for his next conquest. She’s mysterious and magnetic, a perfect and willing target for the male archer. In the beginning, the attraction between Sagittarius men and Cancer women runs strong. He will love the challenge of breaking through her tough exterior, and she will thoroughly enjoy casting her spell with her calculated charm.

When they finally get together, you can expect their time to be filled with one spontaneous day after the other. Sagittarius likes to surround himself with adventurers, creatives, eccentrics, and intellectuals. When he introduces Cancer to his vast social circle, she’ll revel in meeting new people from interesting walks of life. She will find it so refreshing to finally have someone who knows how to draw her out of her figurative hole in the sand.

It’s no question that the Sagittarius man and Cancer woman pair will have fun no matter where they go, as Cancer has a taste of adventure herself. She loves to travel just as much as he does, leading to natural compatibility between the two. Going places together will be a perfect time for them to get to know each other better. She will keep him on his toes, and he will find that there is so much more to her than meets the eye. They will enjoy finding new places to dine and play, and when they tire of the outside world, Cancer will invite him home for a meal made from scratch.

Even when friends have already labeled them as a couple, it might still take time for a Cancer woman to allow Sagittarius into her bedroom. Trust doesn’t always come easy for the crab, and she is always guarding her heart. She takes lovemaking seriously, because she tends to give her all. And when she does, the Sagittarius man will not disappoint. With his unbridled imagination, he’ll take her to new heights between the sheets. And lucky for him, Cancer is one of the most intuitive signs in the zodiac. She’ll read his signals without him having to say a word.

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When Conflicts Arise

The first signs of trouble might come when Cancer begins to realize just how much Sagittarius needs to surround himself with other people. He is inherently playful and flirtatious, and he’s a wanderer who is easily bored and constantly on the move. Although a Cancer woman isn’t prone to jealousy, his actions can make her possessive and insecure. She will begin to question the extent of his social interactions, and she will wonder why he doesn’t stay home more often.

When she starts asking too many questions, don’t be surprised if Sagittarius begins to feel trapped. It will especially irk him if she is passive-aggressive about her concerns, but she can’t help it, given her tendency to avoid conflict even when she’s at her boiling point. You’ll need to remember Cancer sometimes has a hard time with trust, so a Sagittarius man might need to tone down his flirtatious nature for the sake of his mate’s emotional security.

She might also have a problem with his impulsiveness, especially when it comes to money. Cancer is the better one when it comes to managing their bank accounts, choosing practicality over financial ruin. Sagittarius, on the other hand, lives for the experience. In many cases, he’s okay with going over the budget if he’s using the money to make great memories. If you’re thinking about merging finances, make sure you have a serious talk about priorities and spending habits, as this is often a major source of conflict.

Learning Each Other

Even with the greatest beginnings, the match between Sagittarius men and Cancer women is one with a hefty share of challenges. They are opposites at the core, and it takes a whole lot of understanding for them to find peace and security in each other. Because he is fire and she is water, they must be careful to find the right balance. If not, she will extinguish his flames.

If this dose of truth leaves you discouraged, don’t be. There are so many paths these two can take if they really want to make it work. Sagittarius is mutable sign after all, with the ability to adopt to her quirks and accept the parts of her personality that don’t necessarily match with his. And as a cardinal sign, Cancer is wired with the insight to initiate positive change and resolve conflict.

If they really want to make it work, both sides will have to come to a middle ground. Cancer will have to learn to trust and allow him more freedom, and Sagittarius must set limits and check his tendencies to look the other way. If they give themselves enough time and patience, they will get past frustrations and insecurities. A Sagittarius man will prove his love by showing a Cancer woman that there is nothing to worry about, and she will reciprocate with complete loyalty and devotion. When they both decide to lay down roots – and if they honor that commitment – their love will have no limits.

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