The High Priestess – Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

by Psychic Advisor: Empress Tarot


This intriguing woman is Yin, High Priestess of the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot by Graham Cameron. Yin sits alone upon a strangely flowing, organic throne that reminds me of the earth with its hills, plains, valleys, and cities. Her hair is adorned with stars, her right hand rests upon the moon, and her left hand is hidden by her robes. Perhaps it holds the key to intuition and psychic abilities, perhaps not. Yin is a woman of mystery.  

Above Yin, there is the blue sky of the conscious mind, below her the deep waters of the unconscious. Her green and gold robe is decorated with the symbol of Venus and it is possible that, like Venus, she has risen from the waters upon which she floats. The bottom of her gown appears to be tentacled and her right hand could almost be a flipper. Much like the tides, she is under the influence of the moon. When the High Priestess appears, your guides are speaking to you and it is time to pay attention to your sleeping dreams. The messages in your dreams will help you fill in the missing piece of the puzzle. Yin offers you the gift of intuition and encourages you to believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Reflection is important when Yin is drawn in a reading. In relationship readings, she teaches us the allure of mystery.   

The number of the High Priestess is Two, her direction is Inward, her element is Water, and she is ruled by The Moon. Like the moon, her face has both a darker and a lighter side. Unlike the moon, both sides are turned toward us. She is the guardian of the gates to the material and the spiritual realms and she is equally at home in either one. Numerologically, Two is the most feminine of all numbers. It relates to pursuing your life’s purpose and finding your soul’s true mission. Although her eyes are wide open, Yin looks inward. Her focus is on personal wisdom and growth. 

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Graham Cameron has this to say about her:

Before you, sits Yin, the High Priestess. She is guardian to the entrance of a new dimension, a world she will allow us to enter where she will explain life and its mysteries.

Yin shows you the path to realization; she takes your feelings and removes the padlock that separates the outer maze from the inner, enabling you to enter. The High Priestess holds great cult powers, as symbolized by a pentacle in place of her left eye. She advises us to listen to our feelings and intuitions, and teaches us to trust in ourselves.

In the upright position, The High Priestess symbolizes seeking answers within silence, following intuition, remembrance, receptivity, visions and psychic ability, stillness, serenity, stillness, and an open mind. Inaction may well be the best course of action when you see the High Priestess. At least for now. 

In the reversed position, The High Priestess denotes confusion, noise, distractions, sharing too much information, hidden agendas, fear of the unknown, psychic attack, hasty action, uncontrollable fantasies, and obsession. Caution is always the best course of action when The High Priestess appears in reverse. Think twice before you give your trust or make important decisions. 


About the Author:

Having grown up in a family that appreciated and encouraged psychic abilities, I have read the cards most of my life. My readings are non-judgemental & delivered with compassion & caring. I have 21 years experience as a professional crisis counselor & have offered readings on since early 2001.

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