Sun in Scorpio: Getting Serious About Love

Illustration of blue scorpion in center of heart starburst

The sun moves through the zodiac at a consistent pace, spending a month or so in each of the twelve signs. When the sun returns to the location it held on the date you were born, it is called your birthday. But the sun need not be in your zodiac sign to influence the course of events in your life down here on earth.

When the sun visits Scorpio starting October 23, all signs feel the intensity and commitment that the Scorpion embodies. The sun rules the human ego and when Scorpio is involved a battle takes place. The conflict is essentially over the role that loyalty plays in the struggle over our personal interests versus the interests of those to whom we were previously committed.

Each year, these issues creep up when the sun visits Scorpio. Each year, there are subtle differences in the scorpionic tension depending on the location of the two planets that are co-rulers of this sign: Mars and Pluto. When the sun visits this year, Mars will be in Leo and Pluto will be in Capricorn. No matter your zodiac sign, the sun’s visit to Scorpio will have a transformative effect on the way you view love and commitment before it leaves on November 21.

  • Aries March 21 – April 19

    Your interest in a truly romantic situation is heightened while the sun is in Scorpio. Career matters complement your drive in late October, providing you with a goal to establish what is attainable. The tension between love and career may cause your partner to think that you are only in it for the physical passion. You will be forced to make a gesture that shows you truly have a heart.

  • Taurus April 20 – May 20

    Tension grows in your love partnership as trouble in the neighborhood leads to more arguments than you prefer. The temptation to go off on a new journey could dominate your fantasies if you have not established a deep commitment. If the relationship foundation is strong, you and your lover form a team to solve many problems in the outside world. A single Bull will find hot temptations that might be better left to cool down before they are pursued.

  • Gemini May 21 – June 21

    If a relationship is at a crossroads, the sun’s visit to Scorpio this year is an excellent time to seek counseling. Talking it out could be the thing that puts your love commitment back on track. If you are looking for love, the telephone is your friend. Gabbing with a guy instead of heavy dating will allow you two to get to know each other deeply before the physical passion complicates it all.

  • Cancer June 22 – July 22

    You sentiments about what partnership can mean for you are undergoing a deep, long-term transformation. While the sun visits Scorpio this year, you will be getting a taste of what it is like to have a partner see the world as you do. Perhaps you have attracted men with contrarian points of view. But that is in the past as you are waking up to the idea that you can hold out for an agreeable partnership.

  • Leo July 23 – August 22

    Your desire for credit is making the sun’s visit to Scorpio tense. You will be asked to be patient but you are in need of visibility and validation. One person wants to help you achieve your goal, but his price of loyalty and commitment might strike you as a losing bargain. What you will find is that the definition of commitment is different among men and needs to be agreed to at every turn.

  • Virgo August 23 – September 22

    The pursuit of pleasure will dominate your time while the sun visits Scorpio. This could be a month of wonderful experimentation with partnership possibilities. But just like eating too much candy on Halloween, too much of a good thing could make you sick to your stomach. Scorpio passion has a way of lingering, so make sure your commitments are with one lucky man.

  • Libra September 23 – October 22

    With your recent birthday done and the holidays on the horizon, the sun’s visit to Scorpio is usually the chance to get a little breather in between socializing. But that is not to be this year. There are opportunities for a great advancement of your professional goals. A popularity contest is yours for the taking, so bring your lover along for the ride or prepare to have one soon if you are single.

  • Scorpio October 23 – November 21

    Happy birthday! The likelihood is that things are out in the public eye that you would rather be kept secret. As tense as this might make you feel, understand the difference between logic and emotion and realize that what is a big deal to you might not mean so much to other people. You actually have a chance to steer the narrative of what happened among your local friends and acquaintances while the sun is in your sign.

  • Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

    Passion for a new discipline will see the sun’s visit to Scorpio race by. You have so much on your mind and so much to do that a whole world has opened up to you. There is a possible love interest who shares your excitement about this new field of study. Study what this person says and does and avoid making any financial commitments or co-mingling of funds until a solid story is proven accurate.

  • Capricorn December 22 – January 19

    An appreciation for taking care of business and the new, intense schedule you must be following – all of this leads you to perhaps overlook the sun’s visit to Scorpio. There are a few events during these four weeks where socializing brings you in touch with someone that might resemble the beginnings of a dating possibility, but single Capricorns are too immersed in some work related issue to get serious about love until later in November.

  • Aquarius January 20 – February 18

    Love and play are on the front burner for Aquarians. The older you are the more you realize that it may be time to let it all hang out. A little flirtation is either an annoyance or a serious first step toward monogamy. While the sun is in Scorpio, you are getting a little black and white in your assumptions about relationships. Try to find the gray area between giving in and moving on. Someone special awaits your beck and call.

  • Pisces February 19 – March 20

    A cacophony of stimulation takes your focus away from one person who could be a serious and safe love partner. Try to listen through the din and see through the fog. Many people would see all of the opportunities that you have in front of you as exciting new possibilities, but the longer they keep you from love the more you will see them as burdens. Standing in one spot and waiting with patience could bring about love energy while the sun is in Scorpio.

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