How to Be Lucky in Love

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Have you ever felt that a love was absolutely meant to be and then found out that you were utterly wrong? And do you remember how strange it felt to have something so certain be so incorrect? How can you be sure that a breakup or a relationship is meant to be or not meant to be?

Luckily, astrology can be your guide to love and relationships. With the advent of the Internet, the wisdom of astrology has become more accessible for use in everyday life and in everyday love.

You may already be using astrology in the form of sun sign horoscopes in your local newspaper or other publications, but the power of astrology can be taken much further. Your sun sign horoscopes, though they may be very accurate, are not very precise and specific because they do not take into account the twelve houses based on the time and location of your birth. In order for you or your astrologer to take a look at your fifth house, the domain of sex and love affairs, or your seventh and eighth houses for relationships and commitments, you’ll have to get your natal chart done. Begin by consulting a qualified astrologer who will draw up your natal chart either by hand or with a computer. Either way is just as helpful, as the true measure of an astrologer’s skills will be in the interpretation of the chart.

Be prepared with your time of birth. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the instant you were born. If you are currently in a relationship, make sure that you collect the date, time and location of your partner’s birth to give to your astrologer. A natal chart can help establish whether you are compatible with a person. Not only are some sun signs more easily paired with others, but the actions of your planets at the moment of your birth can map out your deepest values, which will need to be honored by your partner. If you’ve already found your match, a natal chart can help find out the strengths and weaknesses of your pairing. It can also help you understand what influences your relationship, so that you and your partner can use this knowledge to shine like stars in the bedroom or in married life.

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Your natal chart is a goldmine of information, but it won’t be all that you need in order to proceed with the rest of your love life. Check your sun sign horoscope frequently and make an appointment with your astrologer before making any big decisions such as a first date, a marriage, or the decision to start trying for a child. The sun represents men and the moon represents women, and their positions change on a daily and weekly basis. Consulting the stars can be as simple as planning for a clean breakup during the waning moon phase, or can be as complex as understanding what planets are influencing Venus to see how your love is being affected.

Of course, you can still go against your stars and do whatever you want. You are in control of your own destiny. Your horoscope isn’t about telling you what is not possible, or what is the only way of doing things. Rather, think of it as the way to make your relationship more “lucky.” You can make a plan to take the path of least resistance to the love outcomes that you truly want. The more that you work in accordance with your horoscope, the less you will find yourself butting heads in your relationship and the more your partner will marvel at your incredible timing.

So, the next time that your love life seems to be going in the complete opposite direction of what you want, check your horoscope. Chances are that a clearer way to approach love is in the stars for you.

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