The Most Attractive Rising Sign

The Most Attractive Rising Sign

While your star sign forms your core identity, your rising sign, or ascendant, concerns how people perceive you initially before they get to know you (your moon sign). It is what draws people in. 

Your rising sign can also give you insight into how you dress, your features, and your figure, as well as what personality traits spark interest in others. So, what is the most attractive rising sign can be a difficult question to answer as they are all attractive in different ways. Here are the top five most attractive rising signs along with their celebrity pairings.

Libra Rising

Libra is ruled by Venus and is considered the most attractive ascendant. Libra rising tends to have delicate features with a well-proportioned body. 

They’re well-dressed. You can spot a Libra rising wearing beautiful garbs and suits, and they are usually well-groomed, looking effortlessly attractive without even trying. They’re also very level-headed and appear calm and intelligent. This draws people in with their zero tolerance for drama. 

Seek a Libra rising to have on your side if you need someone to defend you. Libra risings are persuasive and charming—they can use their intelligence, calm demeanor, and wit to easily disarm anyone that challenges them.

Libra rising celebrities: Beyonce, Britney Spears, Doja Cat, Harry Styles, Jared Leto

Scorpio Rising 

The alluring water sign, Scorpio exudes sex. They’re the hot, mysterious, brooding type who draws you in with intrigue. A Scorpio rising may have a strong body, intense eyes, and striking features. They look excellent in dark colors and sexy in sheer, lace, and soft fabrics that drape over their ethereal frame. 

You’ll be immediately hooked when you meet a Scorpio rising. They are extremely sexy, dark, and a little bit intimidating. But look out! The Scorpio rising can be very intense. You may find they can be all in at times, and completely checked out at others. 

You may struggle to know where you stand with a Scorpio rising. They are so secretive and hide their feelings well. This can be infuriating and often what drives many people away. 

Scorpio rising celebrities: Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, Grimes

Sagittarius Rising

The youthful, attractive fire sign, Sagittarius is a wanderer of the world. As a rising sign, they have positive, energetic energy and often an athletic build, arguably the best of all the rising signs. You may find a Sagittarius rising has a long, lean figure with a sweet, approachable face. They will often be well-dressed. Sagittarius risings have impeccable fashion sense. They will be the ones at the party wearing something chic and unusual, most likely in various textures to stand out, but in a subtle, sophisticated way.

You can meet a Sagittarius rising anywhere. They love to travel and are often jetting around the world. You will be drawn to a Sagittarius rising because they promise a good adventure, are so positive and have such a free-spirited nature. They are non-judgmental so they tend to attract people from all different backgrounds. They’re extremely independent so people feel safe with them – they don’t need anything from others.

Sagittarius rising celebrities: Brad Pitt, Goldie Hawn, Kim Kardashian, Princess Diana, Eminem, Brigitte Bardot

Leo Rising

The rockstar sign of the zodiac easily goes to fiery Leo. They are often wearing ostentatious or striking outfits that set them apart from the crowd and attract many admirers. You may see them as the models of the zodiac with their slim hips, long legs, and swagger. This level of self-confidence can magnetize people to them. It is common for a Leo rising to leave a string of broken hearts in their wake.

Leo risings tend to love costume parties. They adore any opportunity to dress up and will be competitive about having the best costume. Having a Leo rising on your arm will drag you into their spotlight because they gravitate to it.

A Leo rising will never go unnoticed. People will be drawn initially to their confidence and the way they indulge in the finer things of life.  Having said that, they can be prone to being materialistic at times. They encourage others to be loud, proud, and passionate in everything they do. They need to be wary of coming across as too arrogant, which can deter people.

Leo rising celebrities: Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, Freddie Mercury, Marilyn Monroe, Selena Gomez, Tina Turner

Pisces Rising

Ruled by Neptune, the dreamy, intuitive water sign of Pisces makes another attractive ascendant. They tend to have dewy complexions, delicate bodies, and a whimsical energy. You can spot a Pisces rising because they will be often draped in lush, loose-fitting fabrics that leave an ethereal impression. This is accentuated by the dreamy, faraway look in their eyes.

You will be drawn to Pisces rising for their intriguing, gentle energy. This person has the ability to read people well so they can make you feel seen and heard immediately after meeting them. They are definitely not the most practical sign, but they will lure you in with their mysticism. 

Pisces is very emotional. They’re sensitive creatures that can sometimes struggle with their feelings. Because of this, Pisces Rising may be prone to over-indulging, causing them to put on weight. They will need to be mindful they don’t use drugs or alcohol as an outlet. If they are aware of this, they may swing to the other extreme of becoming a gym junkie or health fanatic.

While your rising sign can tell you what initially draws people to you, you should check your birth chart to see what your moon sign is. This will tell you the more intimate part of yourself – the aspects of yourself you tend to keep hidden from others. Find how these two aspects blend and how they may contradict your sun sign—your core identity—and how you see yourself.

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