What Is An Astrology Reading & Why Should I Get One?

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Astrology is the theory that the specific positions of the stars and how the planets move about the solar system impact human beings’ lives, events, and behavior. While it’s likely that you already know what your sign is, learning the essential attributes (as told through the zodiac) is vital if you want to strengthen your sense of self-awareness. Not only will you know how to live your best life, but you’ll also gain valuable insight on how to live harmoniously with others too. 

First, you have to know how to understand astrology: Each of the 12 astrological signs are categorized as a quadruplicity (cardinal signs that kick off new seasons), mutable (signs that handle change well), or a fixed sign (one that lands in the middle of the seasons) while also being a triplicity — a sign that’s associated with one of the elements: Earth, air, water, or fire. In a nutshell, fire signs are passionate and animated, earth signs are realistic and grounded, air signs are cerebral and curious, and water signs are perceptive and emotional.

This information is a lot to take in, so an astrology reading is always a good idea. Trust, after learning a bit more about the divine goodness that comes with one, you’ll have a better understanding of why so many people are looking to the stars to get advice about life, love, and everything in between.

Types of Astrology Readings 

  • Birth Chart Analysis:This type of reading (aka a natal chart) is astrology 101 because it reveals the planets’ precise location when you were born. It provides insight into your personality (for better or for worse), strengths, weaknesses, passions, and motivations. 
  • Transit and Progression: Desire to know where you’re currently at in your life and how you’ve grown and matured over the years from a mental standpoint? Well, then this reading’s for you. A Keen advisor will discuss with you all of the planetary transits that can affect your current existence in life, as well as future developments. 
  • Couples Reading: As the name suggests, this type of reading helps you explore your relationship as a couple. This includes your sun (personality), moon (emotion), and ascendant/rising (soul) signs, as well as the date of birth and any other corresponding themes between your birth charts. 
  • Astro Counseling: Not too far off from a couples reading, Astro counseling is a way to gain insight into specific problems that affect your relationship so that you can move forward — or not — on mutual terms based on advice from your astrological charts. However, no matter what type of reading you get, a trustful and professional psychic will never make decisions for you or your partner. Only you can decide what lies ahead. 

When To See An Astrology Advisor 

There’s no one-size-fits-all reading when it comes to astrology, folks. Some of the most common reasons why people seek an advisor include:

  • Self-exploration
  • A desire to comprehend the cycles of your life
  • Relationship dynamics (be it love, friendship, or business)
  • Drawing up a plan for conquering roadblocks
  • Determining your life path
  • Charting out goals for the year
  • Determining the best time to start a new project

Interested In An Astrology Reading? 

If your knowledge of astrology stops after reading your horoscope every morning, then there’s a whole universe of information you’ve yet to discover! There’s so much more that goes into astrology, including the different types of astrological readings you can get based on your sign. The readings mentioned above are only a few of the many you can receive.  Sign up for an astrology reading online with one of our expert advisors who can help you determine the best-personalized astrology reading for you at this time in your life.

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