How to Practice Mindful Gratitude

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by Miss Josephine

Gratitude is defined as feeling thankful for what one has and being ready to express that appreciation.  When we practice spiritual gratitude, we are expressing our thankfulness for what we have received, including material or monetary gains, positive feelings, and the people in our lives. 

What is Mindful Gratitude?

If we practice gratitude without mindfulness or awareness, it is easy to fall into simple rote words that have lost their meaning. It is like saying, “Hey, Higher Power, thanks for the family and friends in my life,” without fully acknowledging why you are grateful.

Gratitude with mindfulness sounds more like, “Higher Power, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to know the love of a true friend.”

When Times Get Tough

The hardest time to practice gratitude is when we are going through the most difficult times in our lives. When our hearts are broken, or we feel defeated, it can be very difficult to find any gratitude, much less, the words to express it. But, this is when we really need to be practicing gratitude the most! When you feel overwhelmed and unable to find anything to be thankful for, focus on just one simple thing that is good in your life.

Try stating is as an affirmation: “Higher Power, thank you for placing the perfect people in my life that are supporting me through this difficult time.”

Be Grateful for You!

Maybe it is easier for you to state one good thing that you like about yourself.  I know it can sometimes be very hard to find even one simple thing. There was a point in my life where I was totally depleted and struggling to find even one good thing to say about myself.  A friend of mine told me to start at the top of my head and work down until I discovered something about myself that I felt was doing even ok.

At the end of this exercise I was able to say my earlobes were good.  They sat there on my head holding a nice pair of earrings and they did that task very well.  The Law of Attraction kicked in, and soon I was able to identify more things that I was very grateful for. With that, positive people and opportunities began springing back into my life.

If you too, are unable to find something to be grateful for, it is time to reach out for a different perspective.  Allow someone else, a friend or advisor, to offer what they see is good in your life.  Let the Law of Attraction kick in for you, too!

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