Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

crystals for lucid dreaming

If you have ever had a dream and woken up in the dream to realize you were dreaming, then you have experienced the phenomenon known as lucid dreaming. 

Lucid dreaming is a powerful form of metacognition where the dreamer becomes aware of their awareness. Often occurring during REM sleep (rapid-eye movement) and the dream-state of sleep, an experienced lucid dreamer can even develop the ability to control what happens in their nighttime narrative. Lucid dreaming can help you become more psychic – you can learn how to tap into and strengthen your intuition to help you gain clarity in your waking life.

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

It is estimated that 55% of people have experienced a lucid dream in their lifetime. Stephen LaBerge is an American psychophysiologist who developed a series of devices such as LED lucid dream masks which would light up to signify the wearer entered REM sleep when lucid dreaming occurs. His research has helped us better understand lucid dreams and controlling the dream state, but more information is needed to determine the negative effects of lucid dreaming. 

Though speculative, it is believed that lucid dreaming can bring on disrupted sleep patterns and mental health issues. However, it can be super beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety caused by nightmares in their sleep. They can learn to control their dream state and have a more peaceful experience. Lucid dreaming can strengthen your third eye and make you more receptive in your daily life. 

Crystals for Lucid Dreaming

While crystal healing has been around for years and gemstones have been used to guide, protect, and nurture our energies, few people know about their ability to manifest a lucid dream. Using crystals for lucid dreaming can greatly increase your chances of experiencing a lucid dream. You can keep the stones under your pillow or on a nightstand by your bed. Here are a few to consider:


Amethyst has powerful metaphysical abilities that help calm the mind and clear out negative thoughts. It’s a powerful stone for activating the third eye, making it a great crystal for lucid dreaming. You can use amethyst also for meditation and visualization. 


If astral travel and meditation are your thing, azurite is the perfect crystal for you. This stone heightens your intuitive ability, making it ideal for those wanting to lucid dream.

Crystal Quartz

With similar properties to amethyst, clear quartz is perfect for calming your mind and opening up to visualization. Clear quartz blocks and removes negative energy.

Herkimer Diamond

Contrary to its name, Herkimer diamond is not an actual diamond but a type of quartz. This stone can be used if you struggle to interpret messages and open up to your spiritual side. You can use Herkimer diamond to improve your mindset and open up to the possibility of lucid dreams and astral travel.

Lapiz Lazuli 

This stone is a powerful communication stone that can help manifest lucid dreaming because it helps with expansion and mental clarity.


Lodolite is a shamanic dream stone that has been used for vision quests and lucid dreaming for years. This one is an excellent choice to keep beside your bed.


Moldavite is a powerful crystal to work with. It is recommended that you only work with moldavite if you are experienced in controlling your dreams. It is believed that this peculiar stone is one of the oldest minerals on earth and may have originated from outer space. 

Rainbow Moonstone

Also known as white labradorite, this gorgeous stone can induce sleep and dreams. It activates the third eye and crown chakra, preparing you to enter a rich dream state. You can use a rainbow moonstone to protect you against negative energy and access past life memories. 

Best Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

Binaural beats are frequency music that you can play at a low volume in the background while you sleep. The beats work to tune into a frequency. They can raise your vibration and help you overcome any fears or blockages you may be having in your waking life. Binaural beats can also help provoke a lucid dream. You will want to choose a track that activates the theta waves (4Hz – 8Hz frequency). There are a range of binaural beats available on YouTube if you are just starting out or you can also purchase tracks online.

Building your skills in lucid dreaming is a great way to enhance your psychic ability and avoid having terrible nightmares if you master control over your dreams. You can use lucid dreaming to gain clarity on issues that are bothering you in waking life and play out fantasies such as sexual lucid dreaming.

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