What is a 3 Rune Reading?

3 rune reading

If you are looking to expand your spiritual practice to include more divination tools, runes can be a powerful option for fortune-telling and gaining clarity on several areas of your life. 

Runes are letters of the runic alphabet used as a sacred method of communication. Casting runestones for divination dates as far back as the 1st century AD when they were used as an ancient proto-Germanic tradition, but their origin remains somewhat shrouded in mystery. 

There’s a reason why runes have been circulating in divination practices for centuries. This powerful alphabet holds magical abilities that can help the querent navigate difficult issues and receive guidance on areas of their life pertaining to love, career, relationships, money, travel, and more.

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What are Runes?

The runic alphabet is made up of 24 letters with their names almost always based on the first sound of each symbol. Each rune’s pronunciation carries spiritual meaning with their name and look attributed to magical abilities. Runes have been used for centuries as ways to contact the dead and talismans that protect alongside providing important guidance for your life’s journey. 

Runes can be carved into wood, stone, bone, and shells or written on paper. You may have seen them engraved on metals to be worn as jewelry, carried as a keychain or used as a luggage tag. It is believed that carrying a rune on your person can keep you safe and out of harm’s way.

You can cast runes for insight into an issue or use them as a complementary tool for card readings including oracle or a tarot reading. 

What is a 3 Rune Reading?

Before beginning your practice, you will want to read a few books on understanding runic meanings and their significance as it would pertain to your situation. When you have chosen your set of runes, whether they are wooden runes, stone, or metal, you should keep them wrapped in a velvet cloth to protect them.

Prior to starting your rune reading, you should find a quiet, calm space where you can meditate. You may wish to hold the bag of runes in your hand or place them in front of you on the cloth. 

To do a three-rune reading, first you are going to formulate a question or think of an issue you would like some clarity on and pull from the bag or the cloth (with your eyes closed). Place the rune in front of you and do not change its direction – each rune carries a significant message, and the message will differ depending on whether the stone is upright or inverted. 

Pull two more runes and place them down beside the first. The first rune should be on the right, the second rune in the middle and the third rune on the left-hand side – the order being as follows: rune 3, 2, 1.

Rune #1: This rune represents the overview of your situation or query.

Rune #2: The rune in the middle symbolizes any challenges you need to be aware of.

Rune #3: The third rune represents advice or a foreseeable outcome that could come from the situation.
Expand your spiritual practices and deepen your studies with runes. They’re a great complement to tarot cards and can be used alone to give you clarification on so many troubling areas.

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