What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush?

Many people believe that dreams are communication from the spiritual realm and what you dream about can have real consequences.

If a special someone has been reappearing in your dreams, you may ask yourself: what does it mean when you dream about a crush? This article will help you find the answer, so keep reading.

Dreaming Your Crush Has a Crush On You

Dreaming about your crush confessing love to you can indicate that you’re feeling confident. It might also mean it’s time to tell them how you feel. Take this dream as a sign to manifest the reality you’re looking for with your crush.

Dreaming Your Crush Is Ignoring You

Dreaming about your crush ignoring you could mean a few things. Maybe you’re not ready for them yet and you need to do some self work. Maybe they’re not interested in you. Look inward and see if you can intuit the feelings between you and them. How can you bring the best version of yourself out?

Dreaming Your Crush Rejects You

If you dream about your crush rejecting you this is actually known to bring you luck in real life. This could be the sign you need to spend more time with them or share your feelings. 

Dreaming A Stranger Shows Up When You’re With Your Crush

If a stranger shows up in your dream it’s possible they represent a part of your personality. This could be a feature tucked way into your subconscious that you may want to come out more and help in attracting your crush.

Dreaming of a Fight with Your Crush

This usually means there’s something internal you need to fix. Unfortunately, it also can mean that it wasn’t meant to work out between you two. 

If you’re dreaming about your crush often, it means that you do need to take action, even if that’s internally. Dreams about your crush usually mean change in that relationship. Either you should share your feelings or decide that it’s not meant to be and move on.

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