How to Have a Sexual Lucid Dream

sexual lucid dream

If you have ever had a lucid dream, you know how fascinating they can feel. Waking up in your dream space to the conscious thought that you are in a dream is powerful. What’s even more powerful is when you can control what happens in your dreams. Below is a guide to manipulating your dreams so you can experience sexual lucid dreaming.

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What is a Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreaming is a form of metacognition where the dreamer becomes aware of their awareness. They often occur during REM sleep (rapid-eye movement) which is known as the dream-state of sleep. It is estimated that 55% of people have experienced a lucid dream in their lifetime. Stephen LaBerge is an American psychophysiologist who developed a series of devices such as LED masks to help users enter a lucid state while dreaming. The masks would light up to signify the wearer entered REM sleep, which is when lucid dreaming can occur. His research has helped us better understand lucid dreams and controlling the dream state. 

How to Have Sex in a Lucid Dream

If you know how to have a lucid dream, the next step is being able to control what happens in your dreams so you can play out your sexual desires and fulfill your wildest fantasies. It’s not that easy to initiate sex in a lucid dream, but once you have found yourself in that space, it is relatively easy to control what happens next.

First of all, before going to bed, meditate on the sexual partner you will connect with in the dream space. This might be a potential lover, a person you create, or your partner. Ask your consciousness to meet with them in the dream space.

Often, our thoughts before we drift to sleep heavily influence what we will dream about. Visualize them as you are drifting to sleep to help manifest your lucid dream.

Once you meet your counterpart in your dream space, start a conversation with them. Set the mood. More than likely, if you are just starting out with lucid dreaming, you may find that you leap right into sex and it’s so visual that you wake yourself up.

A note on your sexual partner in your dream: remember they are a meaningful reflection of your psyche, and they should be treated with respect. The more love you bestow upon them in the dream, the more powerful your lucid dream will be and the better you will feel.

The super-sensory lucid dream environment makes a great setting for an orgasm to occur. You may experience increased heart rate, changes in vascular tissue, and even ejaculation. The excitement that a sex lucid dream can instill can be overwhelming for a beginner and you may find you wake yourself up right before the fun begins. You may also find you masturbate yourself during an erotic dream.

To stop this from happening, you should begin your lucid dreaming journey by practicing meeting up with your partner in the dream space in a non-sexual setting. Try to control what you both do together. Once you have done this a few times, you will have better mastery over your lucid dreams and waking yourself up during dream sex is less likely to occur.

What Crystal is Good for Lucid Dreaming?

There are several crystals you can use to help you with lucid dreaming. These include:

Amethyst – This gem activates the third eye and connects you to the spiritual realm. It’s great if you are new to lucid dreaming.

Ametrine – This crystal is a combination of amethyst and citrine. It can help you regulate your dreams.

Clear Quartz – Use clear quartz to clear the mind from chatter and allow lucid dreaming to occur.

Howlite – A serene stone that helps calm the user and create space for peaceful dreams to occur.

Labradorite – This is one of the best crystals for dreaming as it stimulates a sacred connection to the spiritual realm and helps ignite higher levels of consciousness.

Lapiz Lazuli – This stone is a powerful communication stone that can help manifest lucid dreaming because it helps with expansion and mental clarity.

Selenite – A calming stone that can help activate your crown chakra and induce lucid dreaming.

Building your skills in lucid dreaming is a great way to activate your third eye and strengthen your psychic ability, not to mention that you can avoid having terrible nightmares if you develop control over your dreams.

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