Celebrating National Black Business Month

This past August commemorated the 16th anniversary of National Black Business Month’s inception. National Black Business Month was originally created in 2004 by Frederick E. Jordan Sr. in partnership with John William Templeton, after Jordan faced large obstacles and received minimal financing opportunities when trying to start his own business in 1969. The goal of recognizing August as National Black Business Month is to call attention to these exact hurdles Jordan once experienced, which are often the same ones Black business owners face today.

Here at Keen, we wish to uplift and recognize our many Black advisors and the businesses they so successfully run through our platform. And, although it’s already September, we believe there is no limit to celebrating our Black community and all that they bring to Keen, day in and day out.

In honor of National Black Business Month, please join us in celebrating some of our amazing Black advisors and advisor allies to the Black community, and we encourage you to support their businesses year-round.

Asiatu Coach

Asiatu Coach is an experienced, passionate, honest, Black woman, who is an intuitive, empowerment coach, and social justice warrior. Asiatu Coach has over a decade of experience helping people find healing from their relationships with themselves and others. Asiatu is dedicated to uplifting the under served, especially those within her community, as a means to combat the oppression suffered.

Addam Melchizedek

Addam has a Masters of Theology Degree and is a 2nd generation intuitive psychic and tarot reader. He is committed to supporting people discover truth and happiness through personal spirituality. His readings specialize in helping others in crisis and conflict gain higher insight and wisdom about their situation that not only reveals what’s hidden but also reveals what steps need to be taken to experience a breakthrough.

Mignon Divine Medium

Mignon was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and has over 40 years of experience. Mignon has traveled the world in the company of top healers, gaining guidance and wisdom along the way. Mignon has performed Reiki, Buddhist and Nepalese spirit-walking, and holistic healing ceremonies worldwide. Mignon has been unconditionally trusted for decades by aiding leaders in crucial decision making, and is available to impart true wisdom, intuitive, and psychic ability for any issue of personal nature. Mignon can truly “tell it like it is” from the standpoint of a “true human information conduit.”

Queen Sunshine

At a young age, Queen Sunshine realized she could sense (empathically) the emotions and feelings of others. Once she became a teenager, Queen Sunshine was able to see (clairvoyant) and hear (clairaudient) people, things, and events before they happened. Queen Sunshine started part-time on Keen in 2003 as a hobby and returned full-time in 2007 after leaving her 20 year career elsewhere. She has been on Keen exclusively for 13 years. Queen Sunshine has shown many people how to empower themselves and change their lives for the better.


Luv4m7 has been blessed to give readings on Keen since 2014. Luv4m7 shares their God given gift with anyone who needs it. Whether it’s reading energy, seeing or feeling current situations, it’s Luv4m7’s pleasure to help people get over obstacles.

Miss hollywood1988

Miss hollywood1988 specializes in love and relationships. Miss hollywood1988 enjoys helping people find clarity and understanding.


VisionsByVicky absolutely loves communicating with her clients. VisionsByVicky has many concerns about what the world brings us on a day to day basis. Whether it be about relationships, career, and many other challenges that we all face, VisionsByVicky helps to empower her clients with faith, strength, and self esteem. VisionsByVicky is compassionate and non judgmental, and looks at all her clients as family.

Beautiful Flowers Divine

Beautiful Flowers Divine is a Brooklyn NYC native with a mixed cultural background. Beautiful Flowers Divine is a mother of three who is introverted and a bit shy but always available when needed. Beautiful Flowers Divine is spiritual and is aspiring to be more open minded and positive.

Prophetess Divine Lightseer

Prophetess Divine Lightseer is a Spiritual Guidance Advisor, Behavior Therapist, Certified Life Coach, and Clinical Trauma Specialist. Prophetess Divine Lightseer’s mission is to help you to get comfortable listening to your intuition and tap into your gifts, so that you can also become a teacher to help others on their spiritual journey. Prophetess Divine Lightseer uses their gifts to help recognize sources of negative energy in your life to assist in healing and transmuting the energy into positive energy, and to encourage you down your divine life path. Prophetess Divine Lightseer uses playing cards to connect with you and get more details about your situation. Prophetess Divine Lightseer is honest, down to earth, and compassionate, and will help lead you to a positive life full of joy, love, and inner peace.


As a psychic medium of color, 1seer knows the perspectives of minorities, ethnicities, and difference. 1seer can offer a reading that focuses on personal financial growth with insightful and informative insights to lead you on a better path. 1seer knows from personal experience the unique challenges and perspectives to give you the best reading possible.

Psychic Oromi

Psychic Oromi specializes in love, relationships, career, and finances. Psychic Oromi’s readings are compassionate and accurate.

Sol Siren

Sol Siren is a friend, Divine Messenger, a journey woman, and an open ear. Sol siren wants to help discover your soul’s song! Sol Siren provides spiritual guidance and energetic healing via communicative & and comprehensive root healing, soul empowerment, and prayer partnership. Sol Siren believes you must LOVE and Be LOVED, Bless and Be BLESSED.


Rodgersofthestars is here for you. Rodgersofthestars is a 4th generation advisor with natural gifts inherited from his mother. Rodgersofthestars is a life coach and a spiritual advisor, and his skills include being clairvoyant and intuitive. Rodgersofthestars possesses over 30 years of experience with satisfied clients.


AdvisorMaryam has been helping guide people for close to 27 years. When possible, AdvisorMaryam enjoys assisting people in realizing their potential and being their best in all they desire to accomplish. AdvisorMaryam is empathic, intuitive, and genuinely cares about human beings and the human condition.

The Love Expert

The Love Expert has over 30 years of experience. She has been a psychic, an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient since the age of four. Since she was a young girl, The Love Expert was able to make predictions and feel others emotions. In addition, she is able to feel others emotions and understand their situations deeply which makes her empathic. The Love Expert loves being an empath, as it helps her to tune into her own emotions when connecting with others. The Love Expert is a sensitive, emotional, and passionate person who loves talking to all types of people, from all walks of life.


Natural born clairvoyant with over 30 years experience. Use no tools. Minds eye only. Compassionate, honest, and real.

Medium Celeste and Empath

Medium Celeste and Empath is a cross between American Indian and white, a divorced mother of her mixed son, and a grandmother to her 13 year old grandson. At age 64, Medium Celeste and Empath has seen a lot of diversity issues and challenges in the community. In addition, Medium Celeste and Empath holds great passion in the equality of women.

Lady Azvad

Psychic Azvad is ready to serve any questions or concerns you may have on love and relationships, soulmates, person of interests, as well as business career and life questions. Psychic Azvad has been a Keen advisor since 2015!


Pat58 is on Keen Radio with “Create Your Fate With Pat58” and has been a guest on a Facebook live event for Keen. In addition, Pat58 has been featured on CBS television and in both “Women’s Health” and “Cosmopolitan” magazines for her amazing gifts. Pat58 has been gifted since childhood with 47 years experience to date. She has the ability to use cards, intuition, and psychic ability to help see into your future for a great life. Pat58 is a psychic and physical medium who provides accurate information within a time frame. She has a Bachelors in Psychology, a Masters in Education, and special certifications in tarot, medium-ship, Psychosynthesis, and clairvoyance.

A Vision of Truth

A Vision of Truth lived most of their life feeling like there was something weird about them. It was torturous for A Vision of Truth, feeling like they had to deny their self to contort and fit in with life around them. One day, all of their senses started screaming at them, and after hiding for way too long, A Vision of Truth made the choice to develop their abilities. Because of that, A Vision of Truth is here to help those that are ready to honor all they’ve been through and remember the Truth of who they are.


LADYKIMBERLY has been an advisor on Keen since 2007. She met her incredible husband when she was 15 and he was 16 years old. LADYKIMBERLY is passionate about being a resource for and ally to the Black community because of the intense amount of ridicule her mixed husband and their relationship has faced throughout the many years of his life and their marriage to one another. LADYKIMBERLY has over 27 years of experience with a specialization in love and relationships.

Goddess Dawn Sandum

Goddess Dawn Sandum was born in Indiana, raised in farming country by moral driven parents that taught their kids to treat everyone equally. Goddess Dawn Sandum has been a Keen advisor since 2001 and specializes in past lives, love & relationships, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.

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