Is Your Summer Love Meant to Last?

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Perhaps the trickiest part of managing a summer fling is not being quite clear on what exactly your fling is, where you stand, or how seriously you should take the whole thing. With so many flings ignited by the passion of the summer, it’s common that you and your special-summer-someone both agree that you’re not looking for anything serious. Perhaps you’ve met when you’re vacationing in a different city, and the prospect of an enduring relationship is even harder to imagine.  

While you want to remain casual about this summer relationship you’ve got going on, we’re going to guess that you’re probably wondering in the back of your mind if there’s a possibility that this could go beyond the summer. Are you two going down the road to becoming an actual, exclusive couple? Even unintentionally? 

This can be incredibly confusing, even when you’ve agreed to having no commitments. You may start begin behaving strangely, confused by your own feelings—and by the other party’s behavior, too. Of course, both agreeing to a fling means no one in their right mind wants to come off as needy and bring up the “What happens when the summer ends?” topic. However, you most certainly wouldn’t want to let a potentially perfect partner slip away. Is it possible that she or he wants something more, as well? 

Curious if your summer love is really meant to last? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does being together feel comfortable?

Contrary to popular belief, the best relationships really are easy. You both should be able to communicate with ease, honesty, and openness. Does being with your summer fling feel easy? Do you both flow in conversation? Is there a simplicity to how you move together, *ahem* physically? This may be a sign that perhaps there’s more to this relationship than initially intended. 

2. Do you sense a closeness with this person, even if you aren’t “exclusive” or “serious”?

If you’re able to open up, without insecurities clouding your mind, or any fear of judgement, then this is a positive sign. Sometimes, we meet partners that are honest mirrors of who we are, and make us feel safe and secure—even when we’ve only met shortly. Take this as a positive, and perhaps consider the possibilities of prolonging this union into the fall… or beyond.  

3. Does your ‘fling’ treat you with respect and demonstrate strong character? 

Now listen, while everyone you meet should treat you respectfully and operate like an upstanding human being, we’ve got to throw this in here as a great sign. Sometimes, individuals with great character and values are hard to come by. So take a look and see if they’re really somebody you would want to be with longer term, who would treat you well, and who you would treat just as well. 

4. When you’re being honest with yourself, can you see a future with this person? 

While not every relationship has to last forever, you’re the best person to answer this question. Seeing if there is something there is in your heart. Are they really right for you? Or are they right, right now? Take a deep look and consider your future. Does this person fit into your life? Do you think you fit into theirs? 

If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, what you’re experiencing may be worth delving into further—beyond the sultry summer season. 

Looking for some more help with your summer fling? You can always receive more insights to help you navigate your summer love—advisors on Keen are the perfect confidantes to not only look for deeper insights into your relationship, but help you down the best path to get the most out of whatever path you go down. 

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