Learn More About Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Have you had a less than satisfactory experience during a reading with your advisor? Maybe your phone disconnected or you experienced technical issues, or maybe you are just unhappy with your reading? We want to make sure that as a customer you have the best experience possible on our platform.  We created the Satisfaction Guarantee for you.

Feel free to click on Our Guarantee to submit a Satisfaction Guarantee request.

What is a Satisfaction Guarantee?

We’re so glad you asked.

Satisfaction Guarantee is a Keen credit that can be submitted for one call or chat once every 30 days. The credit of up to $25.00 would be added to your Keen account and is unable to be returned to the method of payment that was used.

Good News:  The credit does not expire and will remain on your account for your next call or chat

How to Submit a Satisfaction Guarantee Request:

  1. Log in to the account, scroll down to the bottom of the site, and click on ‘Our Guarantee’
  2. If you are viewing call/chat details under transactions, you would follow the same steps above.
  3. Once you click on one of the options above, choose a specific call /chat, type a brief description, and click okay.

Click here to submit a Satisfaction Guarantee Request.

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