Dreams About Falling & What They Mean

woman floating above ground in garden

Have you experienced a dream where you found yourself falling through the air lately? Regardless of the cause, such dreams can be both terrifying and confusing to unravel the meaning behind them. Some falls can seem to occur rapidly, with you hurtling toward the ground at maximum speed only to wake up just before you hit the ground. Other falling experiences can seem slower and more leisurely as if everything is moving in slow motion around you.

These small differences can really help you key into the true meaning behind your dream and perhaps hint at what you should do next. Due to the perceived danger factor, falling dreams often get a bad reputation that they don’t always deserve. Although it is a common interpretation, not all of these free-falling experiences have a negative meaning behind them. Explore the various potential meanings behind your falling dream with us below

Cruise Control

Sometimes dreams of falling are a far more relaxed experience, and there is little worry involved in the whole ordeal. You may feel at peace while simply watching the world around and below you. Often these dreams begin with you taking the step off of the cliff or platform yourself and lead to a freeing feeling when you eventually wake up. The meaning behind this type of dream is usually that you have let go of what has been stressing you out.

You are carefree and refused to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the negatives surrounding you. While the dramatic bustle and bustle of life still chugs on around you, you remain focused on the things that truly matter. Some people witness images or movies in the sky as they fall, usually of happy times but occasionally of problems that they are dealing with currently. Overall, this dream can be seen as a positive thing as long as your carefree feelings do not slip into carelessness.

The Infamous Loss Of Control

The most recognized interpretation of a dream of falling has always been a loss of control within your life. For those going through tough times where it appears that your only option is to just, hang on throughout the ride of terror, this common dream explanation may have meaning for you. The feeling of falling itself is synonymous with loss of control as it robs you of the security that comes with standing on your own two feet.

As scary as your dream may have been, the time to reflect and take action on the potential warning is now. If you feel like you have no control over a part of your life, then you must actively work to regain control of it to the extent that you can. If your addictions have overwhelmed you, surrender to the fact that you cannot defeat them alone while you are weak. Seek out and accept a support system instead of allowing yourself to freefall.

Those who struggle to control anger and other emotions need to consider what is truly important to them and if it is all worth losing in a moment’s rage. Your best defense is a carefully thought out decision. In the immediate moment following a scary falling dream, every sensation is so intense, like experiencing a steep drop on a roller coaster. You are not expected to think clearly or make important choices during this time of stress. Get yourself into a calm state before you work out your plan. Typically, these unnerving dreams will clear up once you get the underlying issue under control. You do not need to burden yourself with the expectation of perfection; you simply need to change for the better as small steps are better than none. The loss of control is truly a scary thing, but addressing it is not as difficult as you would imagine.

Slipping Away Or Letting Go

Some dreams of falling begin with a very intense moment where you fall away from your family, friends, or others close to you. It may include a loved one holding on to you tightly but being unable to maintain that grasp before you eventually fall. Falling dreams such as these are some of the hardest-hitting emotionally and can have different meanings depending on the particular situation. It can simply be highlighting your feelings and fears regarding letting go of someone or something. A loved one who recently passed away or a divorce with one side still having strong feelings can bring on the dream.

On the other hand, it may warn of betrayal by friends if you were intentionally dropped in a Lion King fashion. Determining the meaning for your specific situation will require you to take an intimate and unbiased look at your personal relationships. Are you holding on to someone for selfish reasons but need to let them go? Are you being plagued by these dreams because you are stuck in the grieving process? Do you feel as if you are losing the love and interest of your partner? Answering these questions honestly can help shed light on the cause of the dream as well as what steps you should take next.

Dreams that involve falling are common and have meanings that can vary from personal anxieties to a loss of control within your life. Some dreams are intimately connected to what you are currently dealing with in your life while others can occur for no reason at all. Common interpretations are exactly that, but an experienced dream interpreter can help you discover exactly what your dream is trying to tell you on an individual basis. Finding the secret meaning behind your dreams is just a click away. Contact one of our skilled dream interpretation advisors today and wonder no more.

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