5 Tips to Be the Partner You Want to Find

5 tips to be the soulmate you want to find

Describe the partner you want to find and write it down. All of it. Finding a partner is like shopping for a home. You want to live in a structure that’s strong, durable and operates properly. Perhaps you prefer a cozy abode that’s large enough to hold you and keep all your stuff safe. Does it need to be a certain style or just basically pleasing to your eyes?

We all have that deep need to find the perfect home – that partner who accepts and loves you to your core. There are practical and esthetic considerations, of course. They all matter. Is this someone you want to live with and grow with? To discover new realms together? Dance and laugh? And are you waiting to meet that person to do all of these amazing things? If so, you could be waiting a lifetime.

If you aren’t already living the life you want, or trying to, you aren’t going to attract the partner you seek. Because your perfect mate may already be out there, enjoying life, and that’s where you’ll meet each other. Certainly not on your couch or at the nail salon!

Regardless of what you want to achieve in life, the way you you live your life is the most powerful indicator of what and whom you will attract. As always, actions speak louder than words. If your goal is a loving, harmonious and carefree relationship, be that for yourself. If you want a health-conscious partner, you’ll need to be that too.

By becoming the partner you want to find, you will fall in love with you, make yourself irresistible to others, and be available in all the right places. Life is about living. Not waiting and hoping. Need a few ideas to get started? Here’s how to get in on it:

1. Move your body.

You know the importance of exercise in a life well lived. Go for a long, slow walk or go bananas at the gym, but do get moving. You’ll meet people who also respect their bodies and work towards health and longevity.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Know your shortcomings. Appraise your assets. When you meet a guy, you are looking for a fit. If you like doing the family accounting, find a guy who likes maintaining the yard. You are building a team. Together, you become an actively functioning unit. The goal is a synergistic union of efforts to build a lifestyle of comforts and joy.

By knowing yourself well, on a practical no nonsense way, you can create the engine of the relationship that you want to have. If you know what parts you have, you will know what parts you will need to design the motor.

3. Connect with Nature.

Like inner peace? Joy? That certain feeling of belonging? Get out of the house and spend some time in nature. It’s calling you, so take a hike. Plant a garden. Use your local park to sit and ponder; or draw and paint.

4. Laugh long, loud and often!

Yes, it’s obvious. But sometimes you need a reminder, right? Many believe that laughter brings us closer to divine energy. You don’t need a reason; just go for it. A wise woman once said, “If it isn’t funny, keep looking. Eventually, you can find humor in any situation. And your survival may depend on it.” Ask for a mate with a healthy sense of humor. Laughter is often the most important factor in the success of a marriage.

5. Be available!

a hopeful attitude, openness is the preferred lifestyle to one of frustration and anger. Which do you prefer? What defines your personality and perspective? Be open. See the good in all things. Your mate will too.

You receive what you give. By projecting vitality, you are making a statement of style and content. Your actions are a declaration of who you are, what you believe in and who you hope to become. You are already there.

You are your own best asset when it comes to finding love. Your intentions inform your actions and your actions send a very clear message. So write down your daily relationship affirmation: “This is what I want in life. This is who I am. This is what I have to offer. I am open to every possibility. I love and I will be loved.”

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