Offbeat Places to Meet Men

Sure, there are innumerable dating sites on which to meet men, but if you still haven’t found your soulmate online, maybe it is time to take a break until the current crop of fellow soulmate seekers all find their one true love. In the meantime, if you don’t like the “meat market” vibe of the club scene and would prefer to wear a blindfold when your friends set you up on your next blind date, consider that many wonderful single men are hanging out at places that are not traditionally associated with being the hot spot for getting picked up. The feeling that it is real is amplified when you hit it off with a guy during a chance encounter in shared public spaces that are not culturally sanctioned as singles meeting grounds.


If you chat him up before the rinse cycle, you can find out a few things about him that indicate whether or not he is worth drying your jeans a second time. The fact that he is doing his laundry moves him ahead of many bachelors who wouldn’t know detergent from deodorant as they use both so sparingly. A guy doing his own laundry is more likely single than not as well as having hygienic habits that put him in a more desirable demographic than the average guy prowling the Internet waiting to use a bottle of cheap cologne as a substitute for a shower.

Photocopy Shop

Many men who work for themselves use photocopy shops as they grow their businesses. Many girls think a photocopy store is a place to get attention by needing help with some technical problem. This is foolish and shortsighted. Entrepreneurial men won’t have as much respect for a girl who cannot hang tough in a competitive environment. Instead of asking for help, ask him about what he does – hey, the literature for his business should be right there in front of you two. Don’t imply that you might be a customer; just keep asking him about his business until he asks you out to continue the conversation. When he can afford a copy machine and a secretary of his own, it will be like you were there with him from the start.

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Beach in the Morning or Evening

The shore is packed in the daytime with tourists, but at morning and evening the empty space attracts the peaceful wanderer whose home is likely nearby. The beach in the early morning or just after sunset is the place for you if you are looking for a relaxed man who knows where to find sanctuary. As an added bonus, the guy you meet is probably doing well economically if he can afford to live near the beach.

Art Gallery

Small art openings are usually places to find free snacks and single guys. Artists can be inspiring company and if you translate the creativity they put into their artworks as their potential as a lover, there is no doubt you could learn to appreciate the most modern of techniques.

After His Theater Performance

While Broadway theaters see their stage entrance doors packed with adoring fans, your local community theater is probably not so structured. Many a single actor would be flattered to meet someone who just enjoyed his performance. After two hours of captivating you with his dramatic interpretations, he could easily become your captive audience with a little flattery and attention.

In a National Park

If you enjoy hiking and immersing yourself in nature, don’t immediately dismiss the guys you meet on the trail. While the great outdoors can be an environment that is not conducive to looking like you are ready for a night out at the clubs, the values of a man who seeks out nature are beliefs more aligned with accepting people for who they are and what they can do. If you can keep up with a single guy on a hike or two, your natural beauty may appeal more to him than the splendor of the wonders that nature has to offer.

Ticket Taker

The guy who tears your ticket has more to say about life than to tell you where the bathroom closest to your theater is. With a job description that requires him to stay in one place and deal with an influx of people in random droves, there might be just enough time for you to chat him up and find out when the last picture of the night is over. After seeing so many couples in love, you can bet that getting together is constantly on his mind.

Political Rally

If you think that election night is over with your candidate’s acceptance speech, you are sadly mistaken. While any guy can cheer for his team to win the big game, a single guy cheers for his candidate because he knows that history will be affected. When a man’s candidate wins, his choice to affect humanity has been confirmed and his palpable sense of being right and being part of history can be an intoxicating aphrodisiac for the ladies around him. But many girls finding politics too boring or divisive and leave the playing field open for female lawyers and nerdy ladies – any woman with a bit of style and pizzazz will get noticed in the Plain Jane world of politics, where conformity to a standard is stressed even among the radicals. Standing out will get you the choice of the cutest guys all ready to celebrate. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, consider that presidents aspire to four-year terms and senators get six-year terms, so men who play in the political trenches are not as fond of the one-night stand when it comes to taking an oath to preserve and protect your love.

Book Signing

Most authors do small tours to promote their most recent works. While you might be a little forward making a move on a writer, the people that attend such an event are antithetical to the singles bar scene. As homely as the perception of a crowd of book aficionados might be, there could be some interesting possibilities. If you are at all interested in the subject that the author is presenting, you already have a lot in common with every guy who shows up. Since you have a shared interest, conversation will be easy. Perhaps soon, you two will each have something to write about!

The way to know that you are in an offbeat place to meet men is that no girl is there with wafting perfume, pumps and prowling eyes. Men think about mating much more often than women and are less formal in entering the circumstances that society condones for our most ancient rituals. Since he is almost always ready to entertain the subject of getting together, why focus on the traditional places to meet him where your competition is much higher?

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