The 8 Most Romantic Things You Can Do for Him

8 Romance Tips with Couple

Flowers, serenading and candle-lit dinners all ooze romance. But these express the feminine side of romance. There are times when a woman has to take the lead in making sure her man knows that he is best cared for by his woman. The time has arrived for you to be romantic to him – but a man’s definition of romance is, well, a lot different.

We polled some “real guys” and got some definitive responses as to their dream romantic ideal that a woman could give them. Before you scoff and dismiss them, understand that a man is confused and clueless as to why he should send you a Valentine’s Day card along with flowers on special days. By the same token, you might be clueless about his ideals – so now is the time to get clued in. Here is what men want you to do to make it all special for them.

A Round of Golf

If your man’s passion is golf, send him to the links. It is somewhat pricey, but suppose he and his father, brother or good friend love the greens. Pick up the tab for an afternoon and he will be in awe of your ability to journey to the center of his heart. For taking care of the details and the cost, you will be the one who shoots the hole in one that day.

Ideal Snack Tray for the Game

The next time he has a major sporting event to watch on television, let him know that because he is such a great boyfriend, you are going to make the snacks. Nachos are easy to prepare, ask him if he prefers hot dogs or bratwurst, potato skins or buffalo wings. Making the bar food for him is the equivalent of that box of chocolates you got on Valentine’s Day.

Special Occasion Cleaning

No, you are not his mother and you might have to explain that you are not setting a precedent, but making his apartment sparkle can cheer you both up. The sense that he is tamable will bring you two closer together, unless you find someone else’s stuff amidst the dirty laundry…

Cook Him a Romantic Dinner

It does not have to be a big production, you are not replacing his mother and you are most definitely not setting a new trend whereby you shoulder the load for feeding the two of you. But perhaps you could get a recipe for his favorite dish as a kid from his mother or other family member and set a date to make him something that he will really like. And of course the most romantic thing that you can do awaits: the dishes!

Tickets to His Favorite Sports Team or Cultural Event

Every guy has a favorite team he roots for, a favorite race-car driver he cheers on, or a performer whose occasional tours are can’t-miss evenings. Scoring tickets to the big game, the day out at the park or good seats for his favorite performer is as great a show of love for him as he will ever understand. Men love being there. It doesn’t matter if it is baseball’s Angels or basketball’s Celtics, a classical cello recital or a reunion of his favorite punk band fresh out of rehab, what matters is that these events host the thing he loves most and that you, the girl who loves him more than anyone, got him there.

Burger Taste-Test

Does your man like fast food? Spend an hour going to each of the nearby national chains and buy a hamburger at each. Bring them home and slice them up in quarters. Serve them without the colorful wrapping and have him guess which is which. Along the way, such excess might be the first step in breaking him of his fast food habit and could be the thing that sends him toward healthier eating. Or it could just as easily get you hooked on the greasy dregs of American dining.

Poker Night Dealer

The dirty secret of your man’s poker night is not that the guys behave like pigs. It is that they don’t get all that much poker playing accomplished because they pass around the deck to deal. Sloppy mis-deals are common at home games and the guys really long for an efficient order to their recreational get-together. Offering to be the dealer at the game frees up your man and his buddies to just be guys and enjoy themselves. This adventure in romance is a lot easier for girls who have grown up with brothers – the shock of what men do in private might be too much for a sheltered girl to take, but if you can stand it, giving your man the gift of an alert and efficient poker dealer is a gesture of major proportions.

Beer Tasting

For all of the fanfare surrounding wine tastings, most guys will level with you if you ask on the down low: They would rather have a brewski or two. Or six. Take your man out for a few beers. Insist he ditch the domestic cheap stuff and let you treat him to some of the finer imports that the local drinking hole has in stock. Pick the bar ahead of time for comfort, coziness and their variety of ale. If you play hostess and designated driver all in one, he will be bubbling over with romance.

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