8 Reasons Why Guys End Great Relationships

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It may seem astounding that a guy would want to end a good relationship, let alone a great one. However, not even the best relationships are immune from ending. Read on for the top eight reasons that would make a guy end a relationship when everything is running smoothly:

  1. He feels that you want more in the relationship than what he is ready to offer you.

    You may feel that it’s time to take the relationship to the next level, but he is comfortable at the level you two are at. He may be happy to just date and enjoy your company. You may want to move in together while he is comfortable living in separate places. Perhaps you are even expecting a commitment or an engagement. If you want to push the relationship to the next stage and he is not ready for it, then don’t be surprised if this guy bails on you.

  2. He doesn’t want to put his eggs in one basket.

    He still wants to date other women. Or even if he is not dating anyone else, he may still want to keep the door open for the possibility that the grass is greener on the other side. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about or like you. It does mean that he is fearful of missing out on finding someone better.

  3. He’s not ready for the “L” word.

    It could be that you are open to being in love with your beau, but he just wants to ride along on the train of companionship. He may enjoy your company and his relationship with you, but the “love” word may tell him that you want to be his wife. If you are thinking about throwing the “L” word out there to him, just be aware that he may not reciprocate. It may be wise for you to wait for him to say it first so that you know for a fact he is ready to love you. If he is reserved, then be aware that it may take him a good year, if not longer to let you know how he feels about you.

  4. He still enjoys his friends and his independence.

    Your guy may only want to occasionally date because he enjoys his space, his freedom and being with his friends more than spending time with you. Besides preferring the company of his buddies, he is fearful of losing his personal space and guy time. If he is always talking about his friends or his friends are constantly around him, be prepared for an eventual breakup. This guy will end a great relationship with you, rather than risk losing his friendships.

  5. He hears his friends talk about their bad relationships.

    Your relationship may end because your guy has friends who are in bad relationships. If his friends are complaining about their partners, your guy may fear that you will be just like their women. Let him know that you are different. If someone complains about the psycho woman who wants to know where her man is at all times, tell your guy that you would never do anything like that to him because you also need your space. It will help to calm his fears.

  6. He may feel insecure about his future.

    Many men find their identity through their work. If they have no job, then they have no identity. If your guy is still in the process of building his future, he may feel inadequate with you. He may feel concerned that he cannot offer you much and feels insecure. It won’t be until his future is set with a wonderful career and financial success that he feels ready for a loving relationship.

  7. He thinks settling down means less sex.

    Sex is the glue to any relationship. If you two move in together or marry, he may feel that as months or years go by, you will lose the sex drive you once had with him. This is often based on what men tend to hear from their friends or from their own personal experiences, especially if they have been married before.

  8. He just got out of a serious relationship and isn’t ready to get serious again.

    If your guy just got out of a serious relationship or a divorce he may just be looking to date you. He doesn’t want to rush into anything and it may be a few months or even a few years before he considers another serious involvement. This guy may be open to having a relationship with you, but does not want to feel pressured into making another commitment until he is ready.

Communicate with your partner on where both of you stand with regards to relationships. If you communicate about your own wants and needs, then you may be able to save yourself a lot of heartache in the future. There are many guys out there who are willing to be open and honest with women on what they want and expect from a relationship. You may fear hearing the truth or would prefer to ignore it. But if you don’t face the truth now, you will likely regret it later on.

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