Will I Ever Fall in Love Again?

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Will I ever fall in love again? This is a question that commonly comes up in readings, and the answer to this question will always be the same for everyone who asks me. The answer to the million-dollar question is … if you allow yourself to.

People tend to think that everything in life is determined by destiny, and it’s true that a lot of what we experience is brought our way by the universe. However, when it comes to what is sent our way, we play a big part in what comes through to us, and what doesn’t come through to us. A lot of it has to do with how open we are to receiving what the universe is offering us. I’m not talking about receiving what you want or need. I’m talking about being in a state that allows your energies to flow freely without much blockage. Allow me to illustrate this with a common example:

Your boyfriend has broken up with you and you’re devastated, your world has come crashing down and you feel like you’ll never love again. You try your hardest to just suck it up and move on like so many people are advising you to do. You do your best, but deep down inside you’re still holding onto a lot of the pain from that past disappointment. Although you’re being given opportunities to be with new people, nothing seems to ever move forward the way you want it to.

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This is a classic case that plays out for many people time after time, and they always wonder, “Why?” We have been taught from an early age that pain is bad and that we must avoid feeling it at all costs. Crying and letting our emotions out are seen as bad things. So we begin to lose touch with our energy and aren’t able to feel what’s going on with it – this creates blockage. So to answer the big “why?” above, it’s because your energy is being blocked by past “junk” that you have been conditioned to suppress … you’re not flowing as you are meant to. By ignoring our energy and only focusing on the physical, we give up much of the power we have in deciding the quality of life we live.

So if you’re feeling stuck, not just in love, but in any area of life it would be very helpful to look into healing and contact an energy worker who can help you get in touch with your energy. You will be able to see where things are blocked and what issues from your past you need to release. Keep in mind that it’s not a quick fix and it’s basically like learning a new way of living that takes a bit of dedication. But, it will make a tremendous difference in your life, and allow you to receive the opportunities the universe wants to send you.

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