Eight of Wands Feelings, Love & How Someone Sees You

eight of wands love

Lust and the blooming of romantic feelings encompass the Eight of Wands. When it comes to a love reading, pulling this card is a very good sign. 

Every tarot card is rich in interpretation and with 78 tarot cards in traditional decks, it can feel overwhelming to learn all their individual meanings and the messages that are trying to come through.

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The Eight of Wands denotes sudden changes, fast movement, and decisiveness. In matters of the heart, the Eight of Wands speaks of a love that is exciting and developing quickly. 

Typically, the Eight of Wands is a positive sign for relationships, but in some reversed contexts, it can represent disputes, jealousy, and miscommunication. Below, we will explore in detail how to interpret the card in a love tarot reading.

Eight of Wands Key Facts

Upright Meaning: movement, progress, travel, excitement, decisiveness, impulse, being in love, a quick turn of events

Reversed Meaning: Slowing down, aggression, frustration, delays

Yes or No: Yes

Element: Fire

Astrological Sign: Sagitarius

Planet: Jupiter

Eight of Wands Description

The Eight of Wands tarot card depicts eight sprouting wands hurling at speed through the air in a lush green landscape. Their flight implies change, excitement, movement, and travel. Since all the arrows are pointed in one direction, this suggests a certain focus on their target.

The energy generally associated with this card is fast-moving. It denotes movement, travel, and swift action. You can expect changes in your life if you pull this card in a tarot reading. Someone may be coming to visit you, or an adventure awaits. This tarot card depicts great excitement.

Eight of Wands Feelings for Someone

If you ask how someone feels about you, the Eight of Wands is an indication that they feel excited by you. You have sparked their interest and they have a crush. They may even get butterflies in their stomach when they see you. Since the card is about decisive action, they may make a move on you by asking you out or telling you how they feel. 

Eight of Wands – How Someone Sees You

They may find you to be jubilant and thrilling. This person may see you as someone who is energetic, loves to travel, and has a genuine thirst for life. They view you positively. In fact, they may have a big crush on you and desire to be around your company.

Eight of Wands Love

In a love reading, the Eight of Wands denotes a fast-blooming romance. The person may be falling in love quickly and deeply. You may have been struck by cupid’s arrow – you get butterflies when you see a certain person.

The rush of feelings that accompanies the Eight of Wands card also suggests that you are charging up your confidence to take action. You may want to tell your crush how you feel or ask them out on a date. 

The Eight of Wands can be also interpreted as a caution not to act on your impulses. Think before you act first. Develop a plan. If you are passionate about someone, consider the best approach and don’t rush in.

In an existing relationship, the Eight of Wands can denote that the couple will fall in love again. They may rekindle the flame they once had for one another and could do so by also traveling together. The Eight of Wands suggest movement and changes. There may be talk about moving house or planning a trip that brings a renewed energy to your relationship. If there has been physical distance between the two of you, one of you may be traveling to be together.

Reversed Eight of Wands Love

Disputes and frustrations abound when the reversed Eight of Wands comes out in a love reading. You may be angry with your partner or vice versa and are about to blow up on them. You may be called upon to give each other some space as it is likely that you are both miscommunicating one another. Take some time to cool off, give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until you’re both in a calm headspace to communicate.

In a dating aspect, the reversed Eight of Wands could indicate that messages have stopped between you two. There may be silence, specifically, someone may have ghosted you.

In a singles love reading, impatience concerns the reversed Eight of Wands. You may have a pattern of falling into infatuation with people and mistaking it for love. Discernment could be lacking in your romantic conquests, and you should think carefully about what you say and do. Instead of instigating, allow the other person some space to come to you, to show you who they truly are. Hastiness is an unattractive quality and could lead you into relationships that don’t serve your highest good.
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