Embracing Uncertainty in Life and Love

embracing uncertainty

The only thing that’s certain is uncertainty. Life is change and growth and evolution, which can be exhilarating but change can also feel taxing and painful. Change creates new tensions and uncertainties in our lives. There are so many events over which we have no control. Can you let go of control? In doing so, you are able to step back and appreciate the wonder of our world and learn to embrace uncertainty, a fearsome, yet beautiful certainty of life.

To embrace uncertainty is one of the highest levels of spiritual growth. It demands a high level of spiritual fitness. We have all had moments of great clarity, when the world revolves and spins in perfect harmony with our own rhythm, like a precisely calibrated grandfather clock.

You seek to find the highest level of your spiritual development. This is your enlightenment. As you grow and learn, new ascendancies offer greater rewards. One of these gifts and skills is an ability to embrace Uncertainty. All you can do is exhale. Breathe deeply. Relentlessly ride on through the cycles of your life.

To embrace uncertainty in Love and Life, you need an understanding of the world and your place in it. Look for the interconnectivity in all things. You are a part of the network. You will come to appreciate the joy of change, like a cheese connoisseur favors a washed rind.

We are not programmed to embrace uncertainty and fear. It goes against our nature. It triggers our fight or flight instincts. Carefully examine the situation. Put a light into the dark places. Dig deep and objectively and you will begin to understand what you fear. In the end, it is all quite simple. You will find your worries are baseless or understandable. There are many layers of confusion to sort through when we examine what we are afraid of. All it takes is time and clarity.

This level of objectivity is required to embrace the uncertainties of Love. In Love, you bond for the comfort and security of a safe place. Safety is generally incompatible with change and this is where the danger lies. You must step back and always keep an eye on your relationship from a distance. Perspective is oxygen to Love. Sometimes you get so confused and enmeshed in the details, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture of the grand design.

This perspective will remind you that Love is like a river – it keeps rolling along. The stability of your Love is as secure as a wide raft on a wild river ride. Your Love will always be tossed about, cresting waves and plunging down the trough. But you stay together. Your ideal relationship is akin to a long-lasting, deeply felt friendship. You have a partner with whom you will navigate Life. The unit that you create, by its nature, is always growing and evolving.

Uncertainty in Love is like fertilizer for a flower. It keeps things fresh and exciting. Love does not have to be uncertain or suspicious. Together, you can make an adventure of the rocks and potholes in the road of your journey. You must treat all of the hardships that Life tosses in your way as grand entertainment.

You must have faith in the evolution of your Love, the belief that your Love will triumph through all challenges, evolutions and uncertainties. This is how you embrace uncertainty. This is how you embrace Life. Find comfort in the process of the journey.

Where does uncertainty originate? Why do we doubt? If your sweet pure soul were never influenced, you would never know uncertainty. Other people have influenced your Life. Circumstances, tragic and transcendent, have forged your character. You have been taught to worry about many things. Use this knowledge to maintain your perspective. You can disown the worry.

On a physical level, laughter is a fast and easy way to embrace uncertainty. Laughter can relax you. It can cut a bully of a problem down to size. You don’t need a joke to laugh. You can fake it. Your body does not have a sense of humor, but it does know the physical sensations of laughter. When you laugh, you breathe deeply, using all of your lungs. Your body moves and relaxes. Laugh and you will embrace uncertainty. To laugh is to breathe.

Embracing uncertainty is one of the most difficult things you can ever do. The action resides on the highest levels of spiritual growth. This is the goal for the enlightened: To embrace uncertainty.

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