Four of Pentacles Love Meaning

Four of Pentacles Love Meaning

Tarot is a powerful divination tool that can give us insight into our journeys and provide clarity on issues that are bothering us. With 78 tarot cards in a traditional deck, each layered with meaning, it can be a bit overwhelming to decipher the messages that are trying to come through.

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In matters of the heart, the Four of Pentacles has interesting interpretations. Since the tarot card symbolizes control, rigidity, and holding onto things, when pulled for an existing relationship, it implies that the connection is full of jealousy and possessiveness. More than likely the relationship is turbulent, and you both are working through past pain. Below is a detailed guide to the Four of Pentacles and how to interpret it in a love reading.

Four of Pentacles Key Facts

Upright Meaning: greed, holding on, being stubborn, possessiveness, materialistic, selfishness, attachment, financial security, scarcity mindset, control

Reversed Meaning: spending, reckless spending, generosity, opening up, financial insecurity, self-protection

Yes or No: Yes

Element: Earth

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Planet: Saturn

Four of Pentacles Description

The Four of Pentacles depicts a man sitting on a stool holding onto two pentacles very tightly. His posture is rigid and his grip firm, suggesting a fear of letting go. There are two more pentacles placed at his feet. He is unable to move because he is surrounded by coins and is holding them so intensely. The card implies that he is completely restrained from moving because he is holding onto his possessions. The background depicts a city landscape and it can be inferred that it is his kingdom. The Four of Pentacles suggests that money does not necessarily buy freedom or happiness. 

Four of Pentacles Love Meaning

Your relationship may be codependent and your or your partner clingy when you pull the Four of Pentacles. In a love reading, the Four of Pentacles indicates a relationship that is fueled with jealousy and possessiveness. It is likely that you and your partner struggle with insecurities and fears in your relationship.

The Four of Pentacles can also imply a battle to release a relationship. You may be entangled with someone, and the connection is toxic but neither one of you is able to let it go.

For singles, pulling the Four of Pentacles can suggest that you are still harboring feelings for an ex. There may be something you haven’t resolved yet from your past relationships. More than likely, there is resentment or a grudge that you need to release before welcoming in a new lover.

Four of Pentacles as Feelings 

If you pull the Four of Pentacles when asking how someone feels about you, this may denote they are afraid of losing you. They could be clingy and possessive of you. In a relationship, this person might be smothering.

Another interpretation is that they are protective of themselves and unwilling to share their energy or resources. They may feel uncomfortable letting their guard down around you, so they spend their time and money on themselves.

Reversed Four of Pentacles Love Meaning

Pulling the Four of Pentacles in the reverse can suggest that you and your lover are healing from past wounds that were hurting the relationship. There may have been a lot of jealousy and insecurities bubbling to the surface in the past that have now been healed. The reversed Four of Pentacles love meaning suggests that you both are overcoming these issues.

If you’re single, it may be that you are finally ready to open your heart and receive love. You have let go of past pain that has been preventing you from meeting an ideal counterpart. You no longer hold a grudge or any resentment toward an ex who hurt you.
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