King of Pentacles Love Meaning

king of pentacles love

Pulling the King of Pentacles is a good omen. This king concerns security, stability, and abundance and when it comes to matters of the heart, it can suggest a loving and loyal commitment. Being a king, this tarot card is the mature energy of its minor arcana suit (over the page and knight), and so you can infer that in a love reading, the approach to any situation will be handled with maturity. 

With 78 cards in a tarot deck, understanding each can feel like an overwhelming process, especially since each card is steeped in layers of meaning. Below, we will look at the King of Pentacles’ meaning in detail through the aspect of love. 

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King of Pentacles Keywords

Upright: Security, abundance, wealth, self-discipline, self-worth, leadership, reliable, prosperity, ambition, business empire, and safety.

Reversed: Greed, possessiveness, materialistic, cold-hearted, stubborn, and financially inept.

King of Pentacles Description

Ambitious, financially secure, and generous, the King of Pentacles refers to a man who has achieved worldly success and this is clearly demonstrated in the card. The regal King sits on his throne which is elaborately adorned with vines and bull carvings. The robe he is wearing is embroidered in detail with grapevines and gives him an air of sophistication. Surrounding him are different types of plants, vines, and flowers. He is holding an engraved coin his left hand and a golden scepter in his right hand which symbolizes his ability to wield material success. The castle in the background represents his ability to provide a secure home created from his hard work, determination, and effort. This king has the Midas touch. 

King of Pentacles Love Meaning

If you are in a romantic partnership, the King of Pentacles tarot card can symbolize that you are on solid footing with your lover and the connection is secure. They may be someone generous, dependable, and very protective of you. They may be an excellent partner and provider, the type of person who shows their love through actions, not words. 

If you pull the King of Pentacles card in a love reading regarding your relationship, you may be currently enjoying the fruits of your labor. You both may have worked hard to achieve the financial, emotional, or spiritual success you now have and are able to indulge. Since this tarot card embodies the energy of materialism, you may be living luxuriously or are enjoying a higher standard of living than in the past.

For singles, pulling the King of Pentacles can suggest that you may meet someone with the character traits of this King: a secure businessperson who is loyal and caring and can offer you financial stability. This character is most likely going to want a serious commitment but might be slow-moving and methodical in their pursuit. While this person may be sure about you, they may desire to take a traditional route when it comes to dating and may want to court you. The King of Pentacles has genuine intentions and is faithful, honest, and loyal.

Reversed King of Pentacles Love Meaning

The reversed King of Pentacles in a love reading could suggest that your partner is stubborn, greedy, and materialistic. They may be heavily focused on their career or money and have little interest in investing in your relationship. 

Another interpretation of the reversed King of Pentacles is that your partner or potential partner may not have the best intentions. They may be using you for financial gain or resources to help them get ahead. They could be irresponsible with their finances or even a gambler. Be cautious of this character as they can be controlling, manipulative, and jealous. If they are not financially successful, they may be deeply insecure about this. If you are more financially well-off than your partner, they could be extremely jealous and resentful.

King of Pentacles as Feelings

Wondering what the King of Pentacles means in relation to someone’s feelings toward you? The King of Pentacles is all about abundance and security. When it comes to feelings, your partner or potential partner may want to be seen as your loyal provider. They may long for a long-term commitment and find deep pleasure in providing security to you both financially and emotionally. They could be very protective of you. The King of Pentacles may be very sure about you and their feelings will not change easily.

If you are asking how your ex feels about you after a breakup, the King of Pentacles can imply that they are currently in a period of getting their life together. They may be feeling the need to create more financial stability in their lives before they could possibly reconcile, and that they can’t provide you with the security and commitment you deserve at this point in their lives. 

In a tarot reading, consider the surrounding cards to gain a deeper understanding on the message that is trying to come through. Your initial thoughts will be the most accurate as they are gut instinct. You may wish to record yourself speaking your discoveries out loud or write down your interpretations so you can refer to them later. 
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