Twin Flame Tarot Spreads

twin flame tarot

Twin flame relationships are intense. They are usually tumultuous and packed with lessons that push you into the highest version of yourself. Once you have met your twin, you are never the same. They will rock your world to your core. A twin flame is a strong catalyst for growth. 

Because of this, they can bring up many questions. Pulling tarot cards, specifically doing twin flame tarot spreads, can help you understand your connection more deeply and navigate the lessons being brought up by your other half.

What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the other half of your soul – when two souls are split in two and come down to Earth in different bodies to learn how to return to wholeness before coming together in unity. Twin flames mirror each other. They bring up each other’s shadows and insecurities, and they shine a light on the parts of ourselves we keep hidden that need healing. Often, when we meet our twin flame, the connection is an instant, all-consuming, and psychic bond. You may feel you have known this person your entire life and you may experience telepathy with this person. This connection is not always romantic, but it is usually fast-paced and intense. The energy between you may be harmonious at first until you both aggravate each other’s darkness and go through a period of spiritual awakening in separation. 

Twin Flame Tarot Spreads

Needing some clarification on your connection? Tarot cards are an excellent divination tool for offering an in-depth understanding of your connection. You can use tarot to help you navigate difficult periods, self-soothe, and manifest better outcomes. Below are a few twin flame tarot spreads.

Twin Flame Dynamic Spread

Use this tarot spread when you are unsure about your current connection and want to learn where you stand with your twin flame. The Divine can help guide you if you are going through a rocky patch.

Card #1: Where am I emotionally and spiritually now?

Card #2: Where’s my twin flame emotionally and spiritually right now?

Card #3: What is the core issue in our connection right now? 

Card #4: What advice can the Divine offer to help us work through this issue? 

Card #5: How can we make progress from here?

Twin Flame Growth Spread

Twin flames are a catalyst for personal growth. If you are experiencing conflict in your connection, this reading can help you gain a better understanding of the lessons your souls are both trying to master.

Card #1: What is the current energy between me and my twin?

Card #2: What karmic lesson am I currently learning from my twin?

Card #3: What karmic lesson am I helping my twin with at this moment? 

Card #4: How can we raise our twin flame vibration?

Twin Flames in Separation Tarot Spread

Twin flames typically go through a period of separation after their initial honeymoon phase wears off. One twin will become the runner, and the other twin will become the chaser. They will both experience powerful karmic lessons on their journey and may return to union once they have healed their core wounds. The separation phase can be extremely painful for both twins. If you are in need of some guidance during this period, this simple tarot spread can help you realign and discover what you need to work on in yourself.

Card #1 What does my twin’s higher self want me to know right now?

Card #2 What area of my life do I need to work on? Where am I stuck?

Card #3 What can I expect in the coming months for my connection?

Once you have met your twin flame, everything changes. It’s normal to feel a sense of upheaval in your life as your twin’s energy will push you to heal your insecurities. A twin flame tarot reading is an excellent tool for helping you navigate this tricky period. 
Need some guidance? Our team of expert tarot readers is here to help you with our twin flame journey every step of the way. Browse our readers and contact them over the phone or chat directly to get the answers you need right away. We also have many tarot readers who specialize in twin flame readings.

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