Looking for Love? (Column: Create Your Fate with Pat58)

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by Pat58 (Psychic Medium on Keen)

Is there anyone out there who is looking for love?  If you’re wondering how you can find love, I have a possible answer.    Love begins with you and having the mindset that love is within your grasp.  In other words, you can manifest love through your own behavior and attitude.  Love is in our relationships with others, with God and within ourselves. 

Setting Goals

We must make our quest for love a goal.  Goals give us direction in our lives.  The first goal is we have to start by loving ourselves.  Self-love comes from self-acceptance.  We cannot love someone else if we do not love ourselves first. I am not saying to be selfish and not think about others.  I am talking about loving yourself just as you are.  If we can accept ourselves where we are at we can allow ourselves to feel loved for who we truly are than we can love another person. 

It’s in Our Relationships

Next, finding love comes from having relationships with others.  Having a relationship with another person is a learning experience.  Boundaries are a good tool for relationships.  Setting boundaries is a way we can teach ourselves and the other person what is acceptable and what is not. 

Boundaries Are Necessary

When we boundaries we can learn what is healthy and good for ourselves. The other person will also know how to treat us.  We can learn to say yes or no and not feel guilty.  Thus, with boundaries, others will learn to respect us and love us.

A Higher Power

Cultivating love means to have a relationship with a higher power.  My higher power is God. It is important to align our lives with what a higher power wants us to have. Doing this means we trust our Higher Power will give us the best life possible.  Then in believing in Higher Power, it is knowing they have the best life possible planned out for us.  After trusting in a Higher Power we learn self-love.

Invitation Of The Highest Good

Self-love aligns with our Higher Power, inviting the highest good in our lives.  Accepting ourselves for who we are and others for right where they are at.  If we are following God‘s path for our lives and we are loving him, in turn, we are loving others. God is all about love.   Loving others and God means we have to surrender.  Surrendering and trusting God will assist us in loving others.

Three Ways of Discovery

Hence, love can be cultivated in three different ways.  It can be sought through a relationship with a Higher Power or God by giving Him our lives.  Then it can also be found through self-love and accepting we are good enough just as we are.  Finally, love can be displayed through setting boundaries within our relationships, teaching others love and self-respect.

About the Author:

Patricia, known as Pat58 on Keen, has known of her psychic gifts since the age of four and began mastering her skills as a tarot reader and medium in her teenage years. Patricia has been a psychic on Keen since 2012. She has a heart for the people and loves to serve others by providing honest guidance on their life problems. She has hosted Keen Radio and appeared as a guest on “Focus On The Bay” for CBS television.  Her advice has been published in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine, Bustle, and Elephant Journal.  Patricia has also been an educator for 25 years.  She has a Master’s degree in Special Education, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and two certifications in Psychosynthesis.

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