Building Hope (Column: Create Your Fate with Pat58)

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by Pat58 (Psychic Medium on Keen)

Three Facets of Building Hope

According to Alexander Pope, “Hope springs eternal.”  Simply, hope comes from within and having a strong belief system in something spiritually phenomenal.  For example, if a person loses their job, the only way they will ever get another one is if they decide that, no matter how long it takes or how bad it gets, they must do everything to find another one.

Hope is not necessarily something a person can see or hold.  Instead, it is a feeling and a belief.   In order to have this belief, a person has to figure out how to create hope in their own lives, regardless of one’s circumstances.  Three ideas rooted to creating hope come from knowing, accepting, and focusing on what we have control over in our own lives and having the strength to carry it out into our own world.

Things Will Change

Start with knowing that, regardless of life’s circumstances, things are going to get better.  A person must have the mindset that things will improve.  Do not give up.  It will take time, but eventually, things will get better.  This comes from the knowledge of seeing how others have gone through similar trials and handled it.  Be patient. A brighter day will come.

Now, if you’re feeling hopeless because you’ve lost things or something tragic has happened, give yourself time to grieve.  Process what has taken place in your life.  Work through your thoughts and emotions.  This can be done a variety of ways, like through journaling or talking to someone else. 

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Acceptance Is Power

Acceptance is key.  Ease into your new normal.  Accepting something does not mean you have to like it.  It just means you are willing to be humble enough to work with what you have been handed.  Acknowledge the fact things will never be like they use to.  Also, accept that you have something new to look forward to.  Acceptance of any circumstance will give you power.  If there is power, then there is hope.

Focus On Capabilities

Creating hope can also come through action.  Make a list of things you can do.  Focus on what you are capable of.  Pay attention to things that make you happy.  Engage in prayer or physical exercise.  This will develop your spiritual and physical strength.  Development in these two realms helps the invisible to grow.  Build a connection with God.  Ask your Higher Power for guidance on hope.  If the invisible can grow in the mind, we can feel more powerful. Then we can start to consider we are part of something greater and better.  Finally, if we feel like we are outstanding, we will come to the knowledge that we are building a platform for ourselves to have hope.

Hope Is An Inside Job

Our lives don’t have to be hopeless.  Hope comes from within.  Things will get better as situations never stay the same.  Start living in your new normal through acceptance.  Put things into action in your life so you can build a platform of hope from within.  We can be part of the unknown if we choose to do so.  Hence, the unknown is our hope and a belief in something bigger, improving ourselves.

About the Author:

Pat58 is known as “One of Keen’s best.”  She hosted Keen Radio:  “Create Your Fate With Pat58” and has been a guest on a Facebook live events for Keen.  She has been featured on CBS television, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan Magazine.  She has been gifted since childhood with 47 years’ experience.  She has the ability to use cards, intuition and psychic ability to help see into your future for a great life.  Pat is a legitimate psychic and physical medium who provides accurate information with a time frame.  Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Masters in Education, and special certifications/training in tarot, mediumship, Psychosynthesis, and clairvoyance.

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