Self-Love Meditation and Yoga Practices

self love meditation

If you are needing some help on feeling better and loving yourself, consider setting some time aside each day to devote to self-care with a self-love meditation or self-love yoga practices.

Why is Self-Love Important?

When we’re full of self-love, our relationships with our selves and others improve. We’re able to give and receive love freely and lessen our judgment of others. This energy brings more loving-kindness to the world and is contagious. Not only is self-love important for you to be operating at the best version of yourself, but it is also a key ingredient in raising the vibration of the planet and increasing compassion in humanity.

How to Practice Self-Love

The best way to practice self-love is to dedicate some time each day that is entirely for yourself to do something that you love. This can include:

  • Start your day with a positive affirmation
  • Take a relaxing bath
  • Go for a hike or run
  • Journal– write a list of the things you are grateful for
  • Write a list of things you love about yourself
  • Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you
  • Nourish yourself with healthy food and drink
  • Treat yourself to a massage, a pedicure, or a small gift to celebrate your wins, no matter how small.
  • Read a book or watch an episode of your favorite TV show
  • Find a creative outlet to express yourself such as painting, singing, dancing, or writing
  • Catch yourself if you start thinking negative thoughts and tell yourself that it’s ok. Offer some compassion to yourself for feeling that way and then switch your thoughts to something more positive
  • Speak with friends, family, or a therapist about the things that are troubling you. It’s important not to bottle things up
  • Make sure you are approaching people and tasks with healthy boundaries
  • Have fun

The list is endless. What’s most important is that recognize the triggers that are causing you to feel down and offer yourself some compassion. It is unrealistic to be bursting with self-love at every moment of every day so don’t beat yourself up if you’re in a rut. 

Start a Self-Love Meditation 

Meditation is a great self-soothing technique if you’re struggling. It’s also a great daily practice to center yourself, clear your head from intrusive thoughts, and boost your mood. There are a few self-love meditation practices you can consider:

Silent meditation: Sit in silence and focus on your breathing. Check in with your body and observe any sensations you feel. When your attention shifts away from observing yourself in the moment, gently bring it back. Do this for 20 minutes or longer each morning or night.

Guided meditation: Follow a guided meditation catered toward self-love. There are several resources on YouTube you can use free of charge. Some of them may include you repeating affirmations. These are great for helping you develop self-soothing techniques to include throughout your day. Try a few until you find one that works for you.

Frequency music: Tune your vibration into frequency music, a powerful tool for raising your vibration and recentering yourself. You can put this on while you meditate or in the background while you work or sleep. There are several frequency music meditations available on YouTube that vary in length and purpose. Choose from topics such as letting go of anxiety, manifesting abundance, releasing shame, and boosting self-love. 

Incorporate a Self-Love Yoga Practice

Moving your body is a powerful act of self-love. Yoga is one of the best ways to do this because it teaches loving-kindness. It is a meditative practice that works effectively to harmonize mind and body. Some poses to boost self-love and self-compassion include:

  • Camel pose: This is a deep beginner-friendly backbend that helps open your heart to find comfort in vulnerability. It is also excellent for stretching your back.
  • Upward dog: An upward dog is another beginner pose that helps relieve stress and anxiety. 
  • Child’s pose: This is a sacred pose for reconnecting to yourself and finding security within yourself. It is an excellent grounding pose.
  • Cobra pose: The cobra pose is excellent for opening the heart, strengthening the spine, and releasing tension.
  • Humble warrior pose: the surrendering forward fold offers a powerful heart chakra activation.

Finish your self-love yoga practice with a short meditation. Place one hand over your heart and one hand over your solar plexus and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to close out your practice.

When you are showering yourself with loving-kindness, you are operating at the best version of yourself. All of your relationships will receive a boost from this as well. Incorporate meditation and a yoga practice into your daily routine to help keep you aligned and tap into the positive current within you.

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