Your Love Forecast for 2016

This coming year, will you meet your soulmate? Or tie the knot? Psychics know that anything can happen in 366 days (leap year!), and here at KEEN, we’ve put our heads together to bring you a love forecast for 2016. We’ve got the inside scoop on where and when to find the hottest romance this year.

2016 Love Forecast KEEN Infographic

The Year of the Monkey

First up, some wisdom from the Chinese Zodiac: 2016 is the year of the monkey. Traditionally, the ninth sign of the Zodiac is all about intellect and experimentation. A monkey’s best quality is flexibility—these tree-swingers can work with any situation. They’re unflappable, motivated, curious, and exuberant, even when the ground is shifting under their feet. The downside of monkeys is their mischievous streak, they can be prone to trickery and dishonesty. This means that 2016 is a year to take big risks, keep your heart light, and plant some wild seeds. You never know how things will turn out, but in a monkey year, you’re poised to handle anything.

Monkeys are our closest genetic relatives, and though they lack opposable thumbs, they sure have a lot to teach us about love! Our primate friends are often superior to us homo sapiens when it comes to letting go of outcomes and rolling with the spirit of the moment. That’s why no matter what romantic opportunities come your way this year, you’ll find natural joy if you date like a monkey: don’t be afraid to swing past anyone who isn’t working for you, ask lots of questions, and be your wild self. And, if you think monkeys are all about serial dating and wild parties, think again—some species, like the bug-eyed Azara’s owl monkey, mate for life. So if you’re already in a deep relationship, this year’s going to be an ideal time to discuss engagements and long-term plans. 

Significant Astrological Events for Your Love Life

There are a couple astrological dates to watch out for, too. Although everyone’s astrological charts are different based on exact time of birth, some days are just good juju all across the horoscope board. March 23 promises a penumbral lunar eclipse, a powerful event that will make the moon go dark and hearts flare. Don’t miss this chance to gather up a blanket and a telescope, and head to a park for some snuggling under the spring sky. In general, keep an eye on the moon. When it’s full or waxing, it’s a great omen for first dates, making the decision to take a relationship to another level, and get hitched. For an extra boost in amorous power, the planet Venus is making its rounds through the constellations, which means each sign will enjoy a special month of passion and heightened romantic insight. On January 23rd, it’ll be in Capricorn (make your time count, Caps!) and will make a complete cycle by November 12. And if you’ve never tried online dating before, this is the year: Jupiter and Uranus are in harmony during 2016, a rare juxtaposition that means technology is working in your favor. Even if you’ve been wary of finding love on—gasp—the Internet, it’s time you gave it a fair shot!

Where to Find Love this Year

All the magic and luck in the universe isn’t enough if you aren’t in the right place. So where are you most likely to make the soulmate connection (or something more casual, if that’s on your mind) this year? That answer depends on who you are.

Are you just looking for fun and flirtation without getting serious? If you’re a single woman, your odds of meeting a like-minded fellow are highest in Austin, San Diego, and San Francisco, where there are more unhitched men than women. For the gentlemen, the best cities are Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, where there are 6 single ladies for every 5 guys. If you’re looking for a good time all across the Kinsey scale, the top three biggest gay and lesbian populations are found in San Francisco, Portland, and Austin. Gay, straight, and everything in between, midsize cities are where the action is happening: the dating pool is full of options, and going out is affordable. Plus, there are just enough cinemas, museums, and restaurants to inject some adventure into a night on the town.

But what if you’re looking to settle down? It’s surprising, but the places with the highest rates of coupling—actually forming a committed relationship—aren’t the cities with the most singles. In a survey of America’s 50 largest metro areas, the very best place to find Facebook-official love is Colorado Springs, followed by El Paso, Louisville, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. What gives? Southern hospitality? Rugged and irresistible cowboys? Social scientists think it’s a combination of traditional values and smaller urban areas that foster a more sociable community, where people are more likely to engage meaningfully than in a larger, less personal city. When it comes to finding long-term love, more choice is not necessarily the key—it’s about being on the same page, priorities-wise. 

How to Entice Love Into Your Life, Naturally

Whatever you’re seeking romantically this year, there are a few ways to let the universe know, “I’m ready! Bring it on!” In your wardrobe, make sure to have some red accents, since the bullfighter’s color really does have some aphrodisiac-like powers. When a new crush is drawn to your radiantly rouge allure, go ape: like our old friend the monkey, refuse to get drawn into seriousness and over-planning! Just focus on getting to know them. Whenever you’re just curious, you’re more receptive to your intuition than if you were attached to an outcome. 

From the first shining day of the New Year, 2016 is bound to be packed with excitement. Take charge by opening yourself up to the possibility of romance, and increase your chances of finding that special someone by actively seeking out places where like-minded romantics gather. Above all, enjoy the ride—this could be your year!

For all your romantic questions in 2016, KEEN advisors can offer insight for your most love-filled year yet.

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