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As it is time to put away the beach gear and hit the books, laptops and study groups, you may discover occasional feelings of intuition washing over you in the hallowed halls of learning. While it is important to pay attention to lectures and presentations made by your teachers, you should not abandon your connection to feelings as they form in your alternative consciousness.

Sometimes you might feel hopeful and misinterpret that hope for a true psychic feeling. Hoping that cute guy in your class will talk to you is not the same as a hunch that one day you two will be lovers. Telling the difference in an academic environment is often a little tougher.

The academy’s emphasis on rational thought demands that you subordinate your feelings to facts. It will only anger your teachers if you point out that great leaders and thinkers throughout history only made their advances by ignoring conventional wisdom.

Below are four instances where your feelings in and around campus may be an actual psychic sense foretelling what is about to make itself known.

  1. The Wrong Book
    In the library or the bookstore, as you look for what you need for a research project, you unconsciously walk down an aisle, pick up a random book and begin perusing it. Before you set it down something will catch your notice. Chances are that you will forget that little tidbit before you walk away and resume your intellectual drudgery. But if you do not forget the little snippet that you gleaned from the wrong book that just happened to be there, you may actually have a big clue as to how the future will unfold.

    A name might have been calling to you from that book; this is the name of someone you need to give a second consideration to in the weeks ahead. You could see the name of a state or country and meet a possible soulmate from this place a day or two later. The wealth of information available on campus delivers many opportunities for your natural psychic energy to find clues in random places.

  2. The Wrong Classroom
    Imagine the flurry of activity if you wake up late and rush to get to class only to find you are in the wrong classroom. Perhaps you are in your Monday classroom for a Tuesday session or have gone to the wrong door down the hall. Whatever the mishap, the chaos of the moment may take you out of the real psychic reason that you are there.

    Did the energy of a soulmate pull you to this place? Will you find out years from now that the one you noticed sitting in the classroom was the man of your dreams? Will a rival for your lover’s affections be in that mistaken classroom? And will she give you so much attitude that her fake friendly demeanor doesn’t fool you months later when you two formally meet?

    The moment of chaos when you realize you are in unfamiliar surroundings is a portal to the center of psychic consciousness. The academic environment is rigidly structured specifically to prevent intuition from seizing control, and yet the smallest crack in this complex structure lets in intense visions of what is to be.

  3. The Unexpected Sentence
    When your professor returns your report or term paper, look over those red marks. Did you add a sentence that doesn’t make sense? Did you add in facts that were incongruous with the subject of your essay? Your psychic sense already knows who or what is coming into your life.

    At the crunch time moments of assignment deadlines, your sixth sense may communicate to you through your writing. It may all seem logical and in place when you compose it, but a neutral editor will only find it confusing. Singling out your random phrases that others do not understand is one way that schoolwork unleashes your pent-up psychic knowledge.

  4. Breaking Roles Off Campus
    In most schools, student and faculty member roles are rigidly or traditionally defined. Your teacher is simply your instructor. An administrator in the financial aid office is a person at a desk. Your mind tends to classify people by specific roles with limited expectations. Of course, those from whom we seek and establish intimacy are not confined to such rigid mental boxes.

    Our image can be shattered, though, when a chance meeting off campus reveals a side of someone that we might never have imagined. Is a quiet classmate actually a popular bartender in the center of a cool nightclub’s action? What if that hunky older man at the gym turns around and is your philosophy professor? If you were online dating and saw a great match, would the profile be even more appealing if you realized it was a campus employee with whom you had had casual, non-flirtatious interactions?

    When your conscious mind has confined people to limited roles and this mental construct has been challenged, a psychic moment will almost always occur. You will be able to envision exactly how this person could fit into your life and with an expanded consciousness you can actually manifest this vision if it appears attractive to you in the least.

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