Can You Get Too Many Psychic Readings?

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I see a lot of clients and don’t really keep track of how often they call. But sometimes clients will start checking in weekly, daily, or even more frequently, and then I know it’s time to intervene. While it’s great to have a regular relationship with your psychic, you can get too many psychic readings.

Simone was just such a client. We had our usual monthly Tarot session, and I didn’t expect to hear from her for another few weeks, but then she called in the next week with a particularly challenging situation at work. Fair enough; we did a reading, and she was on her way. She called again the next week for a follow-up on the last reading, and after that it was only two days before she was back, in tears, about a situation with her boyfriend. While I am always happy to help clients, it was clear that Simone was starting to depend on me rather than relying on her own problem solving skills.

Richard started as a reluctant client—not believing in all this “stuff”—but we had a great rapport and he started to see some welcome change in his life. I started hearing from him pretty regularly, and then one day it was clear—he was pursuing a relationship with me through the chat line, which isn’t appropriate at all! 

Tina was calling in weekly to discuss problems. Everything was always a drama, but at the end of each session she felt so much better. However, I noticed she wasn’t making any progress, and it became apparent that what she really wanted was attention and had no desire to really use my guidance at all.

There are red flags in each of these situations. Let’s break down what to look for so you can stay in a healthy relationship with your psychic.


You are an empowered, creative being, no matter how low or victimized you may feel at times. Hopefully your advisor will help you see this reality, but it’s easy to start to depend on that voice at the other end of the line, especially if they are helpful, compassionate, and kind. Sometimes we don’t have people like that in our daily lives, and checking in with your advisor can be like a treat at the end of a hard day. However, you can’t become dependent on your psychic—just as you shouldn’t be dependent on your boyfriend, best friend, or mom. Relying on someone for great guidance is different than feeling like you need them to get through your day or week. Likewise, it isn’t healthy if you start feeling like you can’t make a decision without consulting your psychic. You have good judgment on your own! Don’t give away the power to define your own life.


Psychic advisors on Keen are not potential romantic partners! It may feel like your psychic has a special interest in you or that they are the perfect man or woman. But though they likely do care about you, you aren’t special. They have other clients and must maintain that client/provider boundary. And if you find a psychic chatting you up—drop them! This isn’t professional or in your best interest. 

Addiction to Attention

This one is hard for us to see in ourselves. Most of us would swear up and down that we aren’t addicted to attention and drama but many of us actually are. We learn as kids that keeping the drama high gets mom or dad’s time and love, and so we transfer that into our other relationships. Psychics are trained listeners and most are empathetic, compassionate people. It’s easy to confuse their focus on you as the attention the inner child craves. Though it may sound harsh to say—remember that your psychic is paid to listen to you. If you aren’t making any progress and just calling up every few days to get a warm, fuzzy feeling of validation… well, many of us would feel that wasn’t in your highest good.

Confusing/Conflicting Guidance

If you are calling your psychic every day or consulting many psychics in a short amount of time over the same issue, you’re likely going to get conflicting information. This “shopping for the right answer” is a red flag. You are no longer seeking actual help but rather looking for someone to tell you the answer you want to hear. The more you try to control an issue by “knowing what will happen,” the less likely it is you will get accurate info. Your chaos and desperation actually shuts down your field and makes it harder for a reader to get solid information. You are only going to confuse yourself. If you find yourself in this kind of spiral, take a step back and remember that you are in charge of your life. Take back your power!

Psychic guidance is a tool to help you grow and navigate your life more effectively. It’s not a magic bullet or a replacement for your own judgment. Used in moderation, working with a psychic can be a helpful, empowered step into your best future. Take the time to set realistic expectations, figure out which type of reading is right for you, and understand the scope of psychic abilities and what psychics can offer. These steps, along with deciding on a healthy psychic consultation routine, will help you make the most of a psychic advisor’s guidance 

Start creating an empowered relationship with an advisor today. Contact a psychic advisor on Keen and start moving forward to your best life.

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