Make a Psychic Connection with Your Spirit Guide

connect with your spirit guides

Spirit guides are just that. Souls from the spiritual plane whose work is to guide humans toward an enhanced life and self, with the ultimate goal of greater spiritual awareness. These beings operate at a higher frequency than the normal, physical, human plane of existence. They are our teachers and sometimes our guardians. They watch over and protect us as we move through this earthly plane in our lifelong quest for understanding and awakening.

If only it were easier to make a direct connection with our spirit guides! Some people are gifted psychics or mediums who can readily make contact with their guides from the spirit world. But most of us have either never discovered this skill within ourselves, or if we once possessed it, perhaps as children, we have long buried it beneath layers of logic, practicality, and disbelief in anything beyond what we can perceive with our five senses.

But there is truth to the “sixth sense.” An extrasensory perception that is beyond reason, beyond the human senses of sound, smell, taste, sight, or touch. And if you tune in to your own sixth sense and trust its wisdom, you can increase its power along with your own ability to tap into that power. Those are the first steps toward making a psychic connection with your own spirit guide or guides. Yes, it’s possible that you have multiple guides who are interested in your physical and spiritual wellbeing!

If you wish to connect with your spirit guide, you must first increase your general psychic awareness. At its most basic level, this simply means learning to trust your instincts. Listen to your own inner voice and heed its wisdom. When you have a strong feeling about a certain person, choice, or situation, have faith in that feeling and allow it to guide you. The more often you practice this, the stronger, surer, and sharper your instincts will become. That, in turn, will create a path toward greater psychic energy and awareness in general.

Once you have established that psychic groundwork, you are ready to begin the work of contacting your spirit guide. You will make a connection most easily when you are relaxed, comfortable and open, so find a quiet, private time and place when you can be free of distractions. Get comfortable, take some deep breaths, and clear your mind. If you have a favorite meditation, you can use it to center yourself, or simply breathe deeply and relax your muscles.

When you are ready, you can greet your spirit guide, either in your mind or aloud. This may feel silly at first, like saying hello to a seemingly empty room. But in time, as your connection with your guide grows stronger, you won’t think anything of it. As you’re first beginning this practice of connecting psychically with your spirit guide, however, be patient with yourself. If you feel silly, it’s okay to giggle and it’s also okay to try again later if the moment just doesn’t feel right.

Sooner or later, you will begin to sense the presence of your spirit guide. Some people even feel their guide’s presence physically, in a sensation of touch, perhaps on the head or cheek, a movement of air, or a warm, energetic hum. When you sense your guide’s presence, express your sense of welcome and gratitude. Even if this is your first time contacting your spirit guide, this is a beloved and trusted friend who has been by your side for longer than you’ve realized.

For some people, contacting their spirit guide is similar to a meditation: They ask a question, either aloud or in their minds, and then wait to receive an answer. Other people like to try automatic writing, unconscious writing that allows a spirit’s voice or message to flow through the writer onto the page. Any of these methods requires patience and openness, and all take practice. Release any frustration you might have about not making contact with your spirit guide quickly or clearly enough, and simply keep trying. Above all, stay open and trusting. Trust your spirit guide to be present, and trust yourself to hear and receive guidance clearly.

When a thought or message presents itself to you, don’t dismiss it, even if it seems out of the blue or makes little sense. Even if you’re seeking information from your spirit guide about a particular question or situation, your guide may have something else entirely to inform or warn you about. Let any thoughts or information that comes to you sink in. Better yet, write it down, so you can refer to it later. You may find that a message that currently holds no meaning for you makes sense in the future.

Over time, you may even learn your spirit guide’s name along with specific information about why this guide has chosen to watch over and protect you. You have a certain path and destiny, and your spirit guide is there to help you along that path. Keep in mind that your guide may have indirect ways of communicating with you throughout your daily life. Pay attention to “coincidences” or synchronicities that occur at seemingly random moments. These are likely to be messages from your guide, trying to open your eyes to the wisdom.

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