Psychic Insights: Everyday Divination

psychic divination

Divination of the future may take many forms. The little things you do each day may develop into rituals. Divination is not a formula meant to lock you into a step-by-step process. It’s an appreciation for disrupting the ordinary and seeing your energy reflected later on. Just like a loud noise echoes on a wall faraway, divination assures us that the subtlest paces of our daily rituals come back to us as reverberations of what we have already created.

See if you can spot a few things you routinely do in different ways. Start with the classic old saying: “Getting up on the wrong side of the bed.” Is there a wrong side of the bed for you? What can you divine from the days when you awaken rested and move through the morning at a relaxed tempo?

Is the wrong side of your bed the place you step when you have not been taking care of yourself? Does the old saying ring true? Is the day ahead dependent on your first few movements? Keep a journal to see if this daily ritual seems to bring various types of outcomes. You can divine the effects of that first exit from the bed once and for all.

The sounds that start your day may determine the way things go. Traffic, sirens, barking dogs, crowds of people, a car alarm rudely awakening you before your own alarm goes off are all sounds that you cannot control and sensations unleashed into your consciousness.

You carry this energy with you and release it throughout the day. You may be able to divine how the random sounds you hear will be a blueprint for what is going to happen during the rest of the morning and into the afternoon.

One way to control the vibrations that sounds produce is to listen to music early in the day. Do you listen to the radio in the morning? Perhaps your clock radio has an alarm. The first music you hear upon awakening can be a powerful everyday divination tool. The beat of the song, the subject of the lyrics, the time period in history during which it was written and performed — all of this can have an impact on your day.

You might take it all for granted as background noise, but Beethoven will impact you differently than the latest pop song. Try a few experiments and see if you can track how the days go under the influence of different musical energy.

Another pathway to divination is your ritual behavior around food. Of course, you are what you eat. And the sensations you experience from the same servings of food can be different day in and day out. Was your toast this morning the same color it was yesterday? Which day was better?

Comparing and contrasting breakfast to breakfast may allow you to see patterns in how the day unfolds. They may differ enough that you can start to predict how your day will go based on the energy subtleties that surround you while you eat.

One ritual that nearly everyone has is the commute. Be it a five-minute bicycle ride to class or an hour drive that includes dropping kids off at school before heading to work, leaving home on a daily basis to go out into the world is a ritual that relies on your sense of sight. As you travel each day, you will notice how much things stay the same. But over time, things do change.

A way to divine your love life is to drive by a flower shop. What do you see? Is your lover more pleasant when you see that flower shop crowded with customers? Would he propose to you if another flower shop opened along the route you take home from work? You can divine your future from simple everyday clues that you see when you are in the middle of a ritualistic commute.

An exercise routine is an everyday occurrence that has just enough variables in it that you can calibrate the effects of small alterations to your ritual. If you go to the gym, you might regularly use certain fitness equipment, such as a treadmill, for twenty minutes during each visit. Switch to fifteen and add a swim and notice if the day progresses differently than usual.

Little changes can go a long way and you will notice them if you are paying special attention to the subtle shifts in your destiny.

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