Cynthia The Psychic One: Creating Powerful Relationships and Trust

The Psychic One

There’s a reason we choose to connect with certain individuals. Think about the people you actively make time for or why you continue to visit the same doctor or request your favorite barber at the salon. In a professional setting, we know they’re going to go above and beyond with their customer service and we’re confident that we’ll leave satisfied. And our personal relationships give us fulfillment by providing support, comfort, laughter, and other positive feelings. But the common factor in all of these is that we’ve grown to trust these people and we simply enjoy being around them. 

Cynthia, an advisor on Keen who works under the name the “The Psychic One,” firmly believes that the relationships we build and maintain play a significant role in our happiness and success. And like any healthy relationship, the bond that develops between a client and an advisor needs to be cultivated so that it can best serve the client’s needs. “We often don’t recognize how much connection is a two-way street. I feel in tune with my clients just as they feel drawn to me. The stronger the connection, the clearer the reading. Most people continue calling the same advisor for many years once they find someone they trust and feel in sync with. I’ve walked some of my clients through some very big life events, and the more we talk, the stronger our bond grows and the more I’m able to help.” 

Building a Foundation 

Cynthia comes from a family with a history of psychic abilities, and she first tested her own skills at the young age of nine. “I sensed an earthquake was coming and I told my mom it would hit in the morning. Sure enough, at 5 AM the next day, a big one struck. That experience showed me how powerful my connection was, not just to other people but to the environment and my surroundings as well. The strength of my intuition was overwhelming at first, but then I realized how much good I could do with it.” After that, Cynthia knew that she wanted to pursue a career sharing her gifts and helping others. 

As a teenager, Cynthia read extensively about horoscopes and became fascinated with astrology. In her 20s, she began giving readings in person and in chat rooms. In May of 2000, she discovered Keen and decided to create an account: “It was the perfect way to pursue my calling and earn a living doing what I loved.”

Insight and Energy 

Cynthia is clairvoyant and telepathic which gives her the ability to sense things that will occur. “I usually see flashes of light or images, and I’m able to piece that information together into a message.” One of her strengths is looking into events that are coming up and preparing people so they can prevent things from going wrong. She’s also gifted at reading the motivations behind someone’s way of thinking. “I use my psychic insight to tune into a person’s energy which is a combination of their vibrations, emotions, and feelings that manifest as an invisible force. This allows me to analyze the information I’m receiving and answer any questions the client may have.” 

In addition to being a clairvoyant advisor and astrologer, Cynthia is also a certified life coach. “I’ve always had an interest in counseling, and I started to notice that many of my clients were asking for advice about the information I was providing in readings. People wanted more insight on how to best handle a situation, so I decided that becoming a life coach would strengthen my communication skills and enable me to better connect with clients, hone in on specific issues, and provide the guidance they need.” 

Accuracy and Timing 

Cynthia’s background in astrology helps her provide her clients with the accurate date and time of an upcoming event. “I would say my specialty is timing. The use of astrological charts allows me to be meticulous with details. I know that people are relying on my predictions, and I never want to lead someone in the wrong direction. So over the years, I’ve studied planetary aspects and pushed myself to keep improving my skills so that I can be as accurate as possible.” 

Cynthia writes horoscopes that she posts on her blog, but she also gives individual astrology readings. “I only need a name for a general reading, but to look at someone’s astrological chart, I need their time, date, and location of birth. With that information, I can get much more specific with dates and can even see what will happen five to ten years from now.” The charts show Cynthia how the planets were aligned or will align at a certain time; as the alignments shift, they affect the way people act and how an event will play out. As she explained, “Astrology readings have become my passion because there’s always something new to learn and that keeps me stimulated. The cosmos are constantly changing and I’m fascinated by how that affects each of us individually.” 

Strengthening Connections 

As an advisor, Cynthia explained that she’s had the opportunity to develop her abilities beyond what she thought was possible. “Clients will occasionally ask me to look into things that are not my specialty, but I’ve been amazed at what I’ve been able to see and how my abilities have grown.” Cynthia loves that she also has the opportunity to learn from her callers. “The advisor-client relationship is truly a powerful connection. People come to me for advice and, as I help them, I’m also learning through their experiences. Each relationship is unique and plays a part in strengthening my gifts and making me a stronger individual.” 

Connecting with her clients and establishing a sense of trust is Cynthia’s favorite part of being an advisor. “Building relationships with others is so rewarding, and I take it very seriously because I want my clients to know that I’m there for them no matter what. Each time I’m able to help someone get through a difficult day or guide them in the right direction, it’s a reminder of how powerful a positive relationship can be.” 

Advisors on Keen, like Cynthia The Psychic One, can provide psychic readings and advice to help you get on a positive life path. 

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