Divinus: A Compassionate Guide Towards Realizing Your Own Divine Plan


“We are all spiritual beings. We are all in an ascension process, whether we know it or not. We all have issues, and the goal is to clear those issues and recognize the gifts we have . . . and share our gifts with others. We all have a spiritual purpose and a plan for being on Earth.”

Psychic advisor and astrologer Divinus takes a compassionate, down-to-earth approach to helping his clients see their divine plan more clearly. But his own plan wasn’t apparent from the start. He grew up in a middle-class Navy family and experienced a fairly typical upbringing, with one exception: He had an early fascination with trance-channeling works by esoteric greats such as Edgar Cayce. 

Journey to Enlightenment

Divinus was a left-brained guy and pursued engineering at college, but his love of logic and analysis led to an interest in astrology. Yet it wasn’t until he met his wife that he learned how one person could really help another unlock their divine plan and potential. With her, he learned to open his intuition, capacity for listening, and compassion.

“[My wife] helped me facilitate the feminine and goddess energy–it just totally changed my life.  It involved a magnified process of what I like to do with my clients. I had developed my left brain so much that I had some blockages. It was painful to remember past lives, but it would lead to healing and release of the blockages I had. It opened me up to my intuitive and compassionate side that allowed me to be an advisor the way I am now.”

Finding Your Life’s Path

A reader on Keen since 2000, Divinus now likes to use his abilities to help his clients open up to their own gifts, and their ability to find their own information from spirit. He believes that although we do make contracts before we incarnate and have a plan that we intend to explore, the ability to exercise our free will may mean that we have detours in that life path. Clients present with challenges, confusion, and the need for guidance; Divinus empowers them to find their own answers by building trust and helping them open their energy fields.

“I want to act as a catalyst for them to find out information and make choices on their own.”

The unfolding of your own life’s plan is guided by you. While we typically don’t remember the choices we made before incarnation, they were our choices. Spirit can help us in the form of guides, insights, or help from psychics or astrologers, but ultimately the expression of our gifts and purpose is up to us to discover. 

Using Tools to Point the Way

Divinus also believes that any intuitive tool can be helpful in drawing the roadmap of a client’s life. Astrology, clairvoyance, cards, or other intuitive guidance can all play a role in discovering a person’s path.

“How do we get from A to B? I help guide my clients to their next step. We try not to solve everything at once. The whole point is to facilitate the client’s healing. Life is a combination of destiny and free-will choice. I try to give them insight. ” 

Divinus is always gratified when he can offer information to a client that is resonant. His main goal is to help clients gain clarity, raise their vibration, and clear blocks and issues. 

“Tapping into a higher vibrational energy of love and healing will help us feel better and see more clearly what our next step is on our road map.” 

Taking Your Own Steps

It’s crucial, Divinus believes, for clients to develop their own relationship to their intuition and guidance. He advises people to cultivate a relationship with their spirit guides, and to ask for guidance and watch for signs. He asserts that it’s never too late to develop intuitive abilities or a relationship with spirit. This is a very individual process, and there is no “right” way to do it.

For the best outcome with clients, Divinus stresses that it’s important that the client trusts him. He listens and tunes into the energy of a person’s voice on the phone. This is why, Divinus says,  people should work to open up and be authentic when working with an advisor. It’s much harder to access information for people who are closed or suspicious. That’s because intuitive readings are a dialogue in which the client is a participant, not just a recipient.

“How can I help this person the most? That’s always my main concern with my clients. I want others to feel better and take steps to achieve their best self. Enlightened choice is key.”

If you’re interested in learning more about your personal path, you can reach out to Divinus or another advisor on Keen today. 

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