What Is Clairvoyance? Learn How to Develop Your Psychic Visions

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Have you ever seen clouds or bands of color surrounding a person, animal, or even plant? Do you see sparkly lights, or movement in your peripheral vision? Or perhaps you have a vivid imagination and see rich images in your mind’s eye, especially during meditation or guided visualizations.

These are all signs of clairvoyance, or “clear seeing.” This is the most recognized psychic ability and, in our visual culture, it’s easy to develop.

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Five Signs That You Are Clairvoyant

When trying to detect your clairvoyant ability, keep in mind that clairvoyance often manifests in subtle ways. Seldom are visions as shocking as foreseeing Armageddon or a major life event. You may be discounting clairvoyant experiences if you expect something flashy! Instead, you may experience the following:

1. Seeing Light

This can be anything from a simple sighting of flashing, sparkly lights to the perception of the aura of another being. Auras appear as bands of color or light around a person, animal, or plant. You might see their whole aura or just fractions of it.

2. Seeing Visions

This ability is often inaccurately depicted in movies. While some people do see disturbed spirits or ghosts from other realms, most visions occur within the mind’s eye—the sixth chakra, or Third Eye. Sometimes they will be mental “movies” that deliver an important message. This is similar to the way dreams unfold, but they occur while you’re awake. If you’re a good daydreamer, there’s a good chance you’re clairvoyant.

3. Strong or Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams, or those dreams in which we have awareness and the power to direct events (though we are still asleep), are a sign of clear seeing. If you have highly symbolic dreams, or find the answers to your life questions in dream form, you are well on your way to developing clairvoyance.

4. You are a visual learner.

If you find yourself needing to see a picture of how something works in order to truly understand it, chances are you have clairvoyant tendencies.

5. You appreciate beauty and have a strong visual aesthetic.

If you’re clairvoyant, your vision will be sensitive. Often you will have a deep need for beautiful and harmonious environments. You may be sensitive to colors, which allows you to excel in the visual arts. The visible world “speaks” to you in a very clear manner.

Developing Clairvoyance

The number one way to develop this skill is to meditate while focusing on your Third Eye. Use whatever meditation techniques you currently use, or simply sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the area between your brows. Ask for guidance about a specific question or issue, and watch what images appear in your mind’s eye. Make sure your question is simple and specific.

Certain gemstones can help facilitate clairvoyance during meditation practices. Cherry opal and aquamarine help meditation and can activate clear seeing. Yellow labradorite and emerald enhance clairvoyance, especially if placed on the Third Eye during meditation.

Don’t judge or try to decipher images right away, although the messages may be unclear. Record the information in a journal, and rather than using your logical mind to decode images, let yourself randomly daydream about them throughout the day. You may be surprised how quickly an “a-ha” moment comes.

Try this next exercise if you have visualization difficulties you want to overcome. Sit comfortably and focus on your breathing for a few moments. When you are ready, try to visualize an apple in your mind’s eye. Don’t overthink it, just imagine an apple. Notice the color, shape, and any other characteristics. Most people, if they practice, will develop the ability to see an apple distinctly. You can try this with other common objects. The goal isn’t to make anything happen, but merely to get used to seeing in your mind’s eye.

Another technique is to visualize a white screen, like a movie screen. Imagine numbers, from one to ten. Give each number a color. Notice how the numbers appear. Are they bubble numbers? Written in your handwriting? Practice seeing each number, counting up and then back down. Once you can see numbers clearly, practice seeing them with a different color or form.

A favorite advanced exercise of my clients is to practice remote viewing. Choose a nearby place you’ve never been in, but you could go inside if you wanted—like a store or other public place. Visualize yourself walking in the door. In your mind’s eye, see what is inside this building and walk through the space in your mind. Notice patterns, colors, and shapes even if you can’t see things in concrete detail. Make notes if you want, and then go to the actual place. Were you successful in some of your impressions? Accuracy grows with practice, so approach this technique without attachment. Have fun with it!

Using Clairvoyance in Daily Life

Many people don’t particularly want to use their clairvoyant skills. This is fine! We can’t all be practicing psychics. However, this ability is helpful in getting guidance for yourself, in manifesting, and in making plans for your future.

Many clients use their seeing to gain clarity about their goals. Others have developed the ability to find lost objects. Many clairvoyants use their skills to help friends and family. For some, it’s just fun.

It’s rare that you will have experiences that scare you. Some people do see ghosts, or have experiences with non-incarnate beings. Though these beings can’t hurt you, it can be unsettling. You can ask not to see them. If that doesn’t work, your auric field or sixth chakra may be perforated or damaged.

I do recommend caution when seeing visions for others. While you may get information that makes sense to you, telling the other person might not be helpful. If you want to try reading for someone, get their permission first, and always ask that messages come for the highest good for all.

Exercising your clairvoyance should be fun! If there is any dream, vision, or image that’s confusing, mystifying, or unsettling to you, advisors on Keen are always available to help.

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