Gold Aura Meaning & Personality


Gold auras always seem to have an otherworldly level of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition about the world that surrounds them. With its inherent relationship to the divine, individuals with a gold aura can be mistaken for those with a white aura if you are not carefully observant. But if you look close enough, the difference is clear. A white aura represents good stemming from purity and innocence, while a gold aura’s overwhelming positivity is drawn from knowledge, experience and achieving the high level of wisdom associated with it. The gold aura is a state of enlightenment one must achieve, not something simply granted to them at the point of creation.

Personality Traits For Gold Auras

Golds hold an unbelievable wealth of experience, and there is no greater outlet for their bounty than in teaching others. Therefore it is very likely you will find those with a gold aura employed as teachers in a wide-variety of areas, or perhaps neatly nestled into your friend circle as “that guy” who always has the most useful advice. While it may feel like they are perfect individuals, they are most definitely not. In truth, they have simply firmly wrestled with their demons and ultimately won, and now aim to share what they’ve learned to help others. As yet another nod to the color of their aura, Golds are extremely generous with everything; time, money and their wealth of knowledge. They are not, however, blind to those who would seek to manipulate them or are not ready to walk the right path.

Golds are friendly and supportive of people from all walks of life but believe their time is best spent around those who could benefit most from their presence. They are selfless and would readily sacrifice all if it means doing the right thing. As mentioned earlier though, they are not naive and will fight back against attempted abuse. People with a gold aura brim with an energy that helps them to inspire those around them, even if they were not attempting to. Overall they remain cool under pressure and do not get worked up by arguments or challenges to their beliefs. They have an inner peace that radiates outward and is said to have a calming effect. As many people only ever experience the final product of the gold aura, Golds will likely remind you of their journey and personal imperfection if you attempt to put them on any sort of pedestal.

Love And Friendship With Golds

The gold aura is one that shares its bounty with all, so you will be hard-pressed to find a person who does not enjoy having Golds as friends. They are supportive and offer advice and a shoulder to lean on without ever being condescending or too prone to lecturing. A Gold intuitively knows when a friend could use counsel and when they simply need a listening ear and silent mouth. For every friend that boasts of a Gold’s greatness in his time of need, true Golds often respond by humbling themselves and pointing out their own personal flaws. They desire no admiration from their loved ones and often attribute their gifts to divine guidance and support. You will find a truly devoted friend in a Gold who will not hesitate to stand by your side when things go south.

As a partner or soul-mate, you may find a relationship with a Gold difficult depending on your expectations. He or she has a lot to offer the world and while your Gold will always dedicate time to you, he won’t stop helping everyone else. If you are similarly compassionate and charitable, you will no doubt form a powerful and unbreakable bond with your golden lover. Those with a Gold aura are very frequently spiritual people, and they are unlikely to part with this driving force even for the sake of love. If you are worried about the effect this may have on your life or future if you’ve got your eye set on a Gold, take heart. Golds understand and respect the differences of all, especially their partner and therefore never force others to walk a path they did not choose. You can count on a warm, loving and enduring relationship when you win the heart of a Gold.

Golds In The Workplace

Expect individuals with a gold aura to be leaders that rule with positive reinforcement and inspiration. While not particularly ambitious, a stellar work ethic and a knack for teaching often quickly propels them through the ranks. They have no qualms about not being in a supervisory position, and will readily follow directives with no complaints. The blessing of intuition means the ability to excel almost anywhere and it is not uncommon to find them delegated to train new employees. Overall Golds will not cause even a hint of drama, and they are generally beloved by their coworkers.

The gold aura is one that represents great wisdom and intuition. Golds are overwhelmingly good-natured people who spread happiness and positivity wherever they go. Whether simply friends or something more, be prepared to share your Gold with the rest of the world as they won’t waste their gifts on just one person. With honesty, a charitable spirit, compassion and a thrill for teaching as integral parts of their makeup, those with a gold aura are truly unique and precious people.

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