So, What Exactly Are Psychic Auras?

The word aura is commonly used in the English language to make statements such as, “he had an aura about him,” or “the environs had an aura of romantic mystique.” But what is a psychic aura and why is the concept so mysterious?

Think of an aura as a bubble of energy that encapsulates everything on earth – including the planet itself. It’s important to note that the human energy field is completely specific to our species and cannot be compared to the systems surrounds plants, animals, and other living things. Because the field influences and responds to the physical body, energy healers and some psychics can read one’s aura in an effort to detect distortions that could lead to physical disease, and future events before they potentially manifest into a reality.

1. How can I read and use the color of auras?

Unless aura reading comes naturally, it can be difficult at first – but not impossible, especially if you book an online psychic reading and work with an advisor who specializes in the practice. The color of one’s aura is associated with their current mental and physical health, and chakra functions, thus serving as an imprint for what life has in store. So, if you can read auras, you have the potential to help others understand what type of energy they are carrying, to include ways to dispel any that’s negative.

2. How can I cleanse my aura?

If you’ve been told during a psychic aura reading that your energy field is a glowing ball of stress and negativity, it’s time for a healing cleanse before your health is affected in a negative manner. Common methods include water cleansing (literally taking the time to enjoy a good soak or shower accompanied with deep breathing exercises), wind cleansing (similar to water, but in the great outdoors), reciting positive affirmations, and smudging – a Native American ritual that involves lighting a smudge stick or bundle of herbs and waving it around your body.

3. What are a few examples of psychic aura colors and what do they mean?

Auras come in many forms, each with a different meaning. For example, a rainbow aura is one of the rarest auras one can possess. It’s a true gift and can mean that this person is blessed and generally a positive soul. Another rarity is the crystal aura, which signifies quiet self-reflection. Seeing a red aura can mean different things depending on the shade of this crimson hue – bright red is positive energy whereas murky red is more negative, which could symbolize pent up anger. A blue aura is divided amongst five different shades that again, each mean something different in a positive (royal and sky blues) or negative (cloudy or muddy blues) light. Curious about the other aura shades? Take a deeper dive here:

4. How can I read someone’s aura?

Reading an aura without being psychic is merely a matter of observing one’s behavior. How do they react to different colors in different environments? What color clothing are they wearing that day? As aforementioned, if you really want to hone your craft, speak to a Keen psychic about ways to make it easier to channel one’s energy. This is actually one of the most popular questions to ask a psychic.

5. How does my astrological sign relates to my aura?

Your birth sign influences many things in your life (for better or for worse!), so it’s no surprise that it relates to your aura, too. While astrological signs dictate one’s personality traits and strengths and weaknesses, the aura gets its luminescence and color from a person’s soul and mood. For example, an Arian exhibiting courageousness, vitality, and an outgoing personality will project an orange aura. On the other hand, a cranky ram will showcase a muddy forest green aura, which symbolizes jealousy, insecurity, and resentment.

6. What factors can change my aura?

Any change in your current state, physically or emotionally, can change your aura. This could be your health, emotions, level of consciousness, thoughts, and physical surroundings. Spiritual awakening (enlightenment or transcendence during a phase of life) alters one’s state of being, which naturally changes colors of one’s aura.

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