Aura Colors and their Meanings: A Comprehensive Guide

AI-generated image of a serene, mystical landscape at twilight with a silhouetted figure in the foreground, arms raised, surrounded by swirling patterns of vibrant aura colors. The sky transitions from soft orange to deep indigo, embodying the spectrum of aura colors for psychic exploration and emotional healing.

In psychic exploration, understanding auras and their colors raises intriguing questions. What do these colors signify? Do they fluctuate? Are they linked to chakras? Indeed, colors within an aura offer valuable insights into individuals, aiding emotional healing through energy work. Some therapists exclusively utilize colors for healing and suggest beneficial attire or home décor hues. But what makes color so potent—simply light or something deeper?

Key Takeaways from this article:

  1. Understanding Aura Colors for Well-being: Discover the importance of aura colors in psychic exploration and emotional healing. This guide provides insights into how colors reflect our physical and emotional states and how they are linked to chakras, offering a path to enhanced self-awareness and well-being.
  2. The Significance of Different Aura Colors: Learn about the spectrum of aura colors, from red to violet, including nuanced shades like black, grey, and metallic hues. Each color carries unique meanings and insights into moods, personality traits, and spiritual alignment, highlighting the profound impact of aura colors on our lives.
  3. Aura Colors and Chakra Connection: Explore the deep connection between aura colors and the chakra system. Understanding this relationship can aid in identifying imbalances and fostering emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, emphasizing the role of color in chakra alignment and overall energy work.
  4. Transformative Power of Aura Cleansing: Emphasize the benefits of aura cleansing for achieving balance and harmony within your energetic field. Tailoring your environment to match your aura colors and undergoing aura cleansing can significantly enhance your life quality, showcasing the transformative power of understanding and utilizing aura colors.


Dive into the captivating realm of aura colors with our expert guide, designed to spark your curiosity and enhance your understanding of your unique energy field. Learn how each aura color reflects different facets of your emotional and physical state, revealing insights into your overall well-being. From the passionate hues of red to the tranquil blues, each color offers a glimpse into your internal and external harmony. This guide deciphers the meanings behind aura colors. It encourages you to harness the power of color in your journey toward emotional healing and spiritual growth. Discover how to align your environment and energy with the transformative power of aura colors for a more balanced and fulfilling life. Explore our guide for a deeper connection with your aura’s vibrant spectrum.

What is Color?

Color is made up of light and energy. Most of us played with a prism in school and saw how light was refracted to make a rainbow. And we’ve all seen a rainbow in the sky, a visible reminder of the spectrum of light and how it manifests to our eye. We can perceive light within certain wavelengths but are also affected by light we can’t see—ultra-violet rays. Because, at the core, we are also made up of energy, it isn’t so unbelievable that our energy could be affected by other energies—in this case, those of light manifested as color.

What are Auras?

An aura is a bubble of energy surrounding everything on Earth, uniquely tailored to each species, including humans. It reflects changes in an individual’s physical and emotional states, encompassing health, emotions, consciousness, thoughts, and surroundings. Spiritual awakenings can significantly alter one’s aura, changing its colors. Auras vary in color and form, each bearing distinct meanings.

The Aura Colors and What They Mean

Understanding the significance of colors within the aura unveils insights into moods and chakra functionalities. The spectrum encompasses primary colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, alongside nuances such as black, grey, and metallic hues. Interpretation varies based on the layer of the energy field perceived, with colors exhibiting qualities ranging from vibrant clarity to subdued complexity.

Red Aura 

On the positive side, red can show a healthy ego, vibrant life force, and focused energy. Deep or bright reds show a strong will, passion, and enthusiasm. Muddy reds denote anger, anxiety, or withheld emotion. Bright pink shows honesty, compassion, and creativity, while muddy pink indicates dishonesty or immaturity. This color also corresponds to the Root chakra.

Orange Aura

Reddish oranges show confidence, and clear, bright hues communicate productivity, creativity, or courage. Vibrant oranges can show excitement or just the vitality of the whole being. Muddy colors show anxiety, apathy, or suppressed emotion. Orange is connected to the Sacral chakra.

Yellow Aura

Yellow shows intellectual stimulation or activity, brightness of spirit, optimism, and interest in life. Harsh, bright shades may indicate an attempt at mental control or rigidity. Paler hues denote psychic openness or awareness. Muddy yellows can show a sluggish or overwhelmed mental body. It corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra.

Green Aura

Bright greens indicate love, openness, balance, and growth in a positive expression. Lighter shades can show healing capacities. Muddy or dark green colors show jealousy, envy, bitterness, victimization, or withheld love. Grief can appear as a dark, slow-moving green. Green aligns with the Heart chakra.

Blue Aura

Most shades of blue, from turquoise to royal blue, indicate intuition, calm, clarity of mind, peace, and openness to communication. Muddy blues show fear of the future, narrow-mindedness, or suppressed communication. This color is connected to the Throat chakra.

Indigo Aura

Indigo is the color of deep emotions and psychic sensitivity. It also expresses a vision for your future and clairvoyance and is aligned with the Third Eye chakra.

Violet Aura

Violet is a sensitive color seen in the auras of visionaries, intuitive, deeply spiritual people, artists, and creatives. Lavender shades indicate daydreaming or imagination. Violet correlates with the Crown chakra.

Silver Aura and White Aura:

Silver and white are purity, spiritual protection, awareness, and orientation colors. They are cleansing colors that prevent psychic contamination. They are also associated with the Crown chakra.

Gold Aura:

Gold indicates spiritual awakening, inspiration, divine guidance, and awareness of universal law. It is consistent with the Eighth chakra.

Black Aura:

Black in the aura indicates someone cut off from their spirit or unaware of their spiritual nature. This doesn’t mean evil—just a lack of spiritual connection and responsibility awareness. It can show up as grief, but I mostly see grief reflected as muddy greens or greys. Suppressed emotion, guilt, or despair can all appear black in the aura.

Grey Aura:

Grey can communicate indecision, disengagement, fear, skepticism, and holding back, depending on the intensity of the color. Sometimes, people who are very “checked out” have a lot of light grey in their aura.

Discover The Transformative Power of Aura Colors Today!

Whether infusing your aura with protective white light or painting your surroundings with hues that evoke desired feelings, colors are pivotal in effectively shielding and cleansing your energetic field. By tapping into the energy of different colors, you enhance your awareness of subtle energetic shifts and create harmonious spaces that enrich your life profoundly. Alongside tailoring your environment to match your aura colors, receiving an aura cleansing can further aid in balancing and healing your aura. At Keen, our advisors can sense your aura field’s vibrations and assist you in identifying areas that require clearing, ensuring your aura radiates bright colors. Experience an online aura cleansing today with a Keen advisor and deeply understand your aura’s influence on your life and state of being.

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