Healing Your Relationship Through Dream Interpretation

relationship dreams that heal

While your conscious mind sifts through the dilemmas in your life, your subconscious mind puts solutions together. If your relationship is in troubled water, your mind is trying desperately just to stay afloat. Your subconscious, meanwhile, is illustrating the big picture and the best direction. These illustrations come in the form of dreams.

In stressful times as well as exciting times, our dreams deliver messages about what is happening and sometimes they even offer solutions. If the current crisis is bringing you confusion, a good night’s sleep might be the best way to sort things out. Keep a notebook, pen and low-light lamp nearby. When you awaken, write down what you just dreamt.

If you do not remember any dreams, simply lighten the room in which you sleep and set the alarm for a half hour earlier than you ordinarily arise. Start keeping track of your dreams. When your subconscious knows that your conscious mind is paying attention, the symbols it uses to communicate become more accessible, comprehensible and true to your values.

Once you are regularly recalling your dreams, you will begin to interpret what they mean and see the path they suggest.


KISSING: Kissing in your dream is one of the greatest indicators that your relationship is on the right path. Perhaps you are over-dramatizing things or looking at the glass as being half empty. No matter whom you are kissing, the intimate union of two people in your dream indicates that the union in your conscious life is bound to improve.

GATHERINGS: Scenes of large parties and gatherings with many people are great indicators of relationship health. These tableaus are a signal from your subconscious that your many moods and different approaches to reality can all unite in favor of getting together with the right person.


DOGS: The dog might be man’s best friend but your subconscious sees the canine impulse to have it all as a way to let you know that your relationship is on the rocks. Dogs have many positive traits but they embody the paradox of loyalty and selfishness coexisting together. The form of a dog is something your inner mind uses to illustrate a relationship where deception is becoming common.

If a close family dog appears in your dream, your subconscious mind uses that to illustrate the foundation of your love for adventure. If a strange dog shows up, it is time to get real about the flirtations you are engaging in with co-workers and Internet friends.

FACELESS FRIENDS: Seeing the back of a friend or acquaintance without seeing their face is a theme in many dreams. This is your subconscious illustrating that you think you know what is going on, but you cannot see the whole picture. If you try to look at this person in the dream, your subconscious confronts you with what you actually know just below the surface. You have been living in denial. Has the relationship deception been your avoidance of finding out the simple truth?


JOURNEYS: Many dreams see you move from scene to scene, never quite getting to a destination but most definitely on the way there. This is the subconscious getting things in order and sending you assurances that you and a partner are working things out. This is a classic dream of moving toward the goal of ultimate happiness and enjoying the ride along the way as much as possible.

EATING, DRINKING: Dreams that feature you ingesting food and drink are signs from your subconscious that you are nourishing yourself in your present situation. Serving meals and beverages to others is your subconscious illustrating an acceptance of the good side of things in your life. It is an optimistic dream.


DESOLATION: A burned house, a bombed village, a foreboding prison… your subconscious can put you into some pretty dark places when it needs you to accept that your current relationship may be over before either of you actually leave.

There are many ways to imagine working on a partnership and many dreams about repairing damage. But when your dreams take place in an utterly bleak landscape, there are too many repairs for one person to make and the other partner might already be packing his or her toolbox in order to move on.


OUT OF CONTROL VEHICLES: A partnership that is doomed and on the path of destruction brings out intense warnings from the subconscious. A car that is about to crash into a wall, drive off an embankment or otherwise be totaled is a scary sign. Being in the car while this happens is even more direct. You may have a dream like this after a big fight. When you awake, resolve issues immediately or finalize things. Your subconscious doesn’t have an infinite number of cars to wreck while waiting for you to leave your wreck of a relationship.

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