Pregnancy Dreams: A Glimpse Into the Creative Process

woman making a heart out of her hands over her pregnant stomach

Just about every dreamer has had one – a dream about pregnancy or giving birth. If a woman, maybe you looked down and noticed a round protruding belly or perhaps you were shocked to see yourself in the delivery room about to give birth. Or if you are a man, a dream may have introduced you to a pregnant woman who as a dream character was playing the role of a fertility goddess offering the promise of fulfillment and future success.

A pregnancy dream can be perplexing, especially for a woman who is past childbearing years. Like most dreams, a pregnancy or giving birth dream is seldom predicting a literal event, except perhaps for a woman who is ready to welcome a child into her life or one whose psychic radar picks up that someone close to her is pregnant.

What are Pregancy Dreams About?

One type of giving birth or pregnancy dream announces that you are ready to give birth to a new aspect of yourself. A higher intelligence with abilities you didn’t realize you could summon up is emerging. For instance, a dream of giving birth to a baby boy who comes out talking and walking remarks that you have discovered your inner brilliance and are ready to strengthen it and bring your newly found talents out into the world. A dream like this one reveals that we are constantly evolving and maturing. When we challenge ourselves, willing to come out of our comfort zones, we summon up new parts of ourselves with greater abilities to meet the challenge. These dreams tend to coincide with events in the dreamer’s life such as a change in career or entering college.

A second type of pregnancy dream arrives when a woman deeply desires a child of her own, but is having problems conceiving. The dream fulfills her greatest wish to conceive and reconciles the grief of being childless.

The most common type of pregnancy or giving birth dream remarks on the creative process of taking a creative idea from the drawing board out into the world. The idea or wish may have been incubating for quite some time; therefore, a dream of being pregnant mentions a period of gestation. As creative as we humans are, we are always in the process of creating our lives, making plans, putting our ideas forward and setting intentions to draw opportunities through the door to make our project happen. Our creative imagination and intelligence is a powerful thing. Not only can our wishes come true by focusing on a positive outcome but our subconscious also stirs a pot of its own to create a wealth of opportunities and new beginnings. Our dreams in many ways demonstrate that we are constantly in the process of dreaming our world into manifestation – the good as well as the bad experiences and events. Sometimes dreams give us a report on how close we are to bringing our ideas and projects to fruition or how ready we are to allow some new experience into our lives. When we are ready, a dream of giving birth announces an opportunity has manifested.

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Common Giving Birth Dreams and What They Mean

I’m about to give birth and I didn’t even know I was pregnant

A dream like this announces a big surprise. An opportunity has come through the door without much effort. Yes, you probably carried the idea somewhere in the back of your mind for years, but had no idea the opportunity would manifest in front of you. What you likely didn’t know was that a higher intelligence was at work in your subconscious creatively putting together a new beginning. Maybe it’s a piece of your destiny plan or the reward from previous work. It could be a new job offer that appreciates your skills and that will take you up the ladder of success or another kind of opportunity that serves your higher purpose. You perhaps earned it without knowing it. Grace was the miracle you needed to get you moving forward with confidence.

I deliver a premature baby

If your baby was delivered premature, it likely means you jumped the gun and introduced your idea or project into the world before it or you were ready. Your project is your baby and will likely need some nurturing (added energy) to develop it further. You may not reap rewards until you add a few more steps to your plan for success.

My baby was overdue and it’s a difficult labor

This dream theme remarks that you have likely incubated your idea for a long period of time, thought about your project daily and put a great deal of work into it to make it happen. It reminds you that it demanded more work from you than you thought it would require, but now the time has come for you to reap the rewards.

I am ready give birth, but the doctor doesn’t show up and my husband is nowhere to be found

This dream theme I have heard numerous times and usually remarks that a woman feels she had to go it alone without support and acknowledgement. For instance, imagine yourself an artist who created a series of paintings, opened your own gallery, rushed to put it all together for a gallery opening and served wine and cheese while your husband sat home watching TV. Although the dream acknowledges your accomplishment, it may be revealing frustration in not having the help you deserved or anyone to share in your success. The dream may be amplifying a needed change in how you approach future projects.

The majority of pregnancy dream scenarios about the creative process report on the success or failure of a project, applauding you when you succeed and criticizing you when you have made mistakes. One of the many functions of dreams is to offer a bit of constructive criticism so that the dreamer can recognize the need for an adjustment in attitude or help in finding the right solution to a problem. By using the information in your dreams, you can turn failure into success and give birth to your greatest dreams for the future.

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