The Knight of Wands Tarot Card


Are you about to make a bold move? Has a project assigned to you been executed with an impressive new approach? Are you thinking outside the box and getting noticed at school or on the job? Has a creative inspiration caused you to get to work on your masterpiece? Is a solution to customer problems inspiring you to start your own business? The Knight of Wands would likely show up in your Tarot reading under such circumstances, as it is the card of sudden solutions arriving in a flurry of inspiration.

Across an arid desert landscape a charging light brown stallion carries the Knight. He has on a full suit of armor and an outer shawl decorated in the colors and patterns that match the other Wand Court Cards (Page, Queen, and King of Wands). On his helmet is a red plume that resembles flames as it flaps in the wind caused by his speeding horse. He has plumes on the armor surrounding his arms that match in color and wind-blown ferocity. With the same arm he tightly clutches his horse’s rein. In his right arm he carries the walking staff known in the Tarot deck as a Wand. He raises it above his head as his horse charges on.

Fire is a metaphor for speed. Without a flame being lit, this card is on fire! The heat of the desert, the cloudless sky, the red headed knight racing to complete a task, the fiery plumage, it is all a card of immediacy and, with the Suit of Wands, creativity. The Tarot was invented long before electricity was harnessed. Had it been a more recent development, you can bet that the Knight of Wands would be pictured with a light bulb over his head! This Knight is riding his horse fast because of a sudden inspiration. Something can be solved and it is up to the Knight to get the solution out to the world. In the Tarot, Knights deliver, most often for the greater good.

Meaning in Past, Present and Future Positions

Every Tarot reading is divided into sections representing your past, your present and your future. Where a card lands will change its meaning. When the Knight of Wands lands in the past position, you are removed from a time in your life when a great notion made you start a big change. Perhaps there is tension from that change you made. The Knight of Wands would represent that the path you followed might have been a bit too spontaneous. If you are doing well right now, the Knight of Wands in the past position shows that spontaneous responses to your life early on led you to harness skills that came in handy in building a good life.

The Knight of Wands in the present position indicates that a new idea or creative inspiration is about to consume you. This could indicate a love obsession, especially if the reality of you and a certain someone getting together would shock or scandalize the neighborhood, friends and family. The Knight of Wands appears in the present position when you are strongly considering a relationship with a much younger or older man, or a relationship that is experimental in nature; perhaps your first encounter with another woman. The Knight’s inspiration is a flood of intense connections of many ideas and feelings that challenge tradition and the social order.

In the future position, you can take comfort in knowing that a great idea or creative spurt is coming your way. The Knight in the future position is often likely to represent someone else, not you. This could represent a man coming into your life. The Knight of Wands represents other people who are charismatic, intelligent, or artistic; they have a flair for saying the right thing at the right time. This is the recipe for seduction. Be sure he is more than just a passion poet looking for the quick score, though. The speed represented by this card should manifest as both of you falling in love, not him quickly seducing you and moving on soon after.

Card Combinations

The Tarot Reading is about cards influencing each other. All of a card’s meaning and energy changes depending on the cards that are placed next to it in a reading. While no meaning ever changes entirely, the focus of where a card applies in your life can be much clearer.

If there are lots of other cards from the suit of Wands in your Tarot reading that features the Knight of Wands, the power of your creativity is extraordinarily high. This is a great chance to impress a boss or authority figure if you are working on an important project. Just be careful to try and work with everyone in a fair manner. The Knight is emboldened by other Wands and can leave diplomacy behind.

If your reading has a lot of cards from the suit of Swords, there is a strong chance that your ideas and creative outlets will create controversy. Swords are cards of verbal expression and argumentation. The best thing about an appearance of Swords here is that you can now take time to be prepared to defend your vision and approach. When the Knight of Wands is joined by lots of cards from the Pentacles suit, look for material gain to be the result of a great idea. An old saying is that “Good ideas are a dime a dozen,” so if that is true, when you have this card combination you will be hitting the jackpot of all the dimes you did not get over the span of your life.

When the suit of Cups shows up in a reading that features the Knight of Wands, prepare for a satisfying adventure of the heart. This is a great combination if you are a newlywed or have just moved in with your lover for a long-term relationship. If you are only on the flirting stages, though, be sure this guy is a long-range partner probability, as the Cups urge you to surrender your heart quickly. The Knight of Wands is one card that knows how to inflame passion.

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