How to Prepare Your Candles and Essential Oils for Ceremony

by Keen Psychic Advisor: Adored Angel

Cleansing and dressing your candles is one of the most important parts of your angel magick candle ceremonies, yet it can also be among the easiest tasks to forget.  You might be anxious to get going while your thoughts and intentions are fresh in your mind; however, without taking the time to cleanse and dress, the risk is that you don’t know who’s handled your candles in the past and what their intentions were. It’s best to cleanse and dress your candles near the time when you intend to use them for your manifestation angel magick ceremonies.


The most effective and simplest way to clean new candles is to have positive thoughts while submerging them in sea salt and fresh water when you take them out of the package. Many individuals have handled your candles and need to be cleansed of their psychic energies. While each candle is underwater, ask the angels to cleanse it of any and all intentions and debris.  Submerge your candles for five minutes and clean them with a white towel or wipe it off with your bare hands.

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Next, you need to imbue the candles with energy through a process called dressing — this reactivates them after cleansing.  Since you’ve brought the candles as close to zero energy as you can, it’s important to recharge then before using them in ritual otherwise, they won’t yield powerful effects.

The candles act as rechargeable batteries in this way.  Again the ingredients to dress them are common household extra-virgin olive oil or pure essential oils, dressings them lovingly with care.  Your candle is most powerful for three days after you consecrate it. In candle ceremonies, your intentions can be boiled down to two main categories:

1. Attracting — This means that you’re focused on attaining a desire, such as more money, a soul mate, a better job, improved health, harmonious relationships, a new home and so forth.

2. Releasing — This relates to situations or things that you desire to overcome, such as an addiction, anger, depression, noisy neighbors, undesirable circumstances, and the like.

Using Essential Oils

You can dress your candles with olive oil to either attract or release, as it’s an all-purpose and neutral oil.  Essential oils, in contrast, have the following specific uses.




Happiness; help with legal matters

Cinnamon, Jasmine, Vanilla. Rose


Frankincense, Mint, Spearmint

Attracting (general purpose); Success

Lemon, Wintergreen


Lavender, Orange

Peace and relaxation

Nutmeg, Sesame


Mint, Peppermint


Releasing: If  you’re releasing something, rub the oil down-ward and in a counterclockwise direction.

Attracting: If you’re attracting something rub the oil upward in a clockwise direction.  It doesn’t matter if the candle seems too lightly covered.  You don’t want the oil to catch fire, so apply as little as you reasonably can.

If the oil you used is a nonirritant (which should be clearly labled on the bottle or jar it came in) then dab what remains on your fingers onto the center of your fore head, or your third eye.  Be very careful not to get any into your eyes.

Since this oil is now charged with your intentions just like the candle, at this point it’s best to wash your hands so that you don’t transfer it onto anything else.  This is particularly important if your intentions are to remove something negative from your life—you don’t want that oil any were near your wallet or purse, as you’ll end up “releasing money!

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Preparing for Your Ritual

It is important that you choose a sacred space for your angelic blessings ceremonies.  It does not matter how small or large, expansive or complex the setting is.  What are important are your intentions which you are holding to occupy your conscious mind as much as possible.  It is best as intuitive or as a beginner to raise your vibration as much as possible.

How does one embark on such a spiritual journey? By eating organic foods, beverages, and abstaining from substances that are mind altering.  I know it can be tough, but once you establish this routine, the angelic realm will speed up time in answering your prayers.  You are sending instructions out into the universe.

Then, prepare all the tools you will need: wooden matches, a bowl of water, a clean white towel, sea salt, fresh flowers, music, incense, crystals, and pen/paper for journaling.  Candle angel magick can be used during the lunar cycle, i.e. new moon to manifest and full moon to release.

Once a candle is properly prepped, it’s best to work with it as soon as you possibly can.  It’s now fully charged, and its energy is slowly leaking out into the universe. If you leave it in this state for longer than ten days, you’ll need to cleanse and dress it all over again.  Your candle is at its most powerful for three days after you consecrated it. Candle magick rituals are heard from the archangels.  Surprisingly enough, I noticed that when I used candles and called in my archangels, my prayers manifested at a rapid rate!

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About the Author:

Adored Angel (Desiree Szabo) is an angelic interpreter who sheds gentle light on life’s toughest problems. Her background as a psychic is formal training as a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy, and the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. She has been practicing her work since early childhood. Her specialty is helping you to see the light, through prayers, healings, cellular angelic energy and angel card readings.

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