Indigo Aura Meaning & Personality


The indigo aura is one of the more rare auras that individuals can find themselves gifted with. The most distinguishing feature of an indigo aura is the intuitive nature of those who bear it. Even from a young age, things seem to come so easily to Indigos that other children of similar ages may struggle to grasp.They possess a swirl of traits from many different aura colors that can make them hard to place and may as well be a walking rainbow. Despite the many benefits of this aura, the life of an Indigo is far from easy and, should they lose their driving energy, they often suffer more than most. Join us as we reveal the ins and outs of an indigo aura and discover things you may not have known about yourself or your loved one.

Personality Traits For Indigo Auras

Some of the more noticeable traits for Indigos are their bravery and fearlessness, both in the face of threats and just general challenges. What separates them from other auras with similar traits is that this does not drive them to thrill-seeking behavior. Indigos are highly aware individuals who will not throw their lives away by taking actions simply to prove that they can. Every action they take has a meaning and a purpose, even if those around them do not see it. The personality traits and intuitive nature of Indigos leads some to believe they have experienced a past life and, thus, have extensive knowledge of the world and the people in it. Regardless of personal beliefs, there is little doubt they have an uncanny ability to learn and master things with ease. The way they interact with the world is almost instinctual and bypasses simple intelligence based on gathered knowledge.

Indigos tend to enjoy being alone, experiencing the world with no distractions and delighting in their spiritual connection with life. They strive to exhibit honesty in all situations and lead a very moral lifestyle. Those blessed with an Indigo aura are extremely sensitive and this can be their primary weakness. Ordinarily, they are fiercely confident, independent, and brimming with an energy that invigorates those they interact with. Sadly, when overwhelmed, they lose their characteristic energy and tend to inwardly rot if they can’t manage. If you can picture having all the answers and being fearless, then suddenly losing it all, you can imagine what a lost Indigo feels like. Without a sense of self-direction, it is all too easy for the overly sensitive Indigo to turn to vices to blind himself to what he has lost.

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Love And Friendship with Indigos

If you befriend an Indigo, you can expect true devotion. As far as honesty and integrity go, they are without match as it is so deeply important to them.While they stick to their morals and ethics, they do not impose those same restrictions on friends and loved ones. They will, however, refuse to associate with those who are cruel and lack integrity and kindness for their fellow man. Indigos seek to be accepting of all, besides those who possess the most egregious traits. They favor passive change fueled internally and hope, that by modeling moral behavior, it will eventually kindle the same in others. The best friends of an Indigo are those who can appreciate life the way they do and are most often their spouses as they prefer complex and close relationships.

The indigo aura is naturally loving and caring, and there is no shortage of love and care within an intimate relationship with them. As they do everything with a true purpose, serious relationships are never entered in based on lust or infatuation. Instead, they will be built on true love and mutual devotion built up over a generous period of time. They will always gravitate toward fellow Indigos if at all possible but are not opposed to anyone who is genuinely good and kind. Their hypersensitive nature leaves them determined to be in-tune with their soulmate at every conceivable level, warding off any potential upsets early. Overall, Indigos are distinctly passionate and focused on the person inside rather than appearances.

Indigos In The Workplace

The innate intuition and intelligence of Indigos mean they thrive in any workplace that utilizes those traits. Indigos have no desire to lead, but loathe having to follow even more. They may struggle to work on a team and perform their best when not forced to follow strict guidelines. Slacking off is unheard of and they remain reliable and true to their word if they agree to a deadline. Peace and harmony are what an Indigo strives for in all situations, so expect no drama or infighting. It is not uncommon for those with an Indigo aura to balk against direction as they find it hard to work according to someone else’s plan. You are far more likely to find an Indigo self-employed or running his own business then stuck doing menial or oppressive work. While they hold no great ambitions, they must at least enjoy all that they do.

The indigo aura is unique as it is a delightful mix of traits from other auras that make them both interesting and exciting. Indigos are instinctual and intuitive, seeming to require little to no direction no matter what issue presents itself. They aim to be living, breathing examples to those around them, passively making an impression on everyone they meet. Those with an indigo aura are high-value individuals with a lot to offer the world and their loved ones. Their endless quest to do good and lead a lifestyle of harmony will forever earn them a respected place among friends and family.

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