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Does the Universe ever send you important messages from more than one source at the same time? That’s what happened to me one day. I had the song “Momentum,” by Aimee Mann, stuck in my head. It seemed that every time I got in the car and turned the radio on, there was Aimee’s lovely voice singing about seizing the day.

“Oh, for the sake of momentum
Even though I agree with that stuff about seizing the day
But I hate to think of effort expended
All those minutes and days and hours
I have frittered away.

But I can’t confront the doubts I have
I can’t admit that maybe the past was bad
And so, for the sake of momentum
I’m condemning the future to death
So it can match the past”

Even with the words and music to “Momentum” flowing through my brain, I failed to recognize it as a specific and important message. Luckily, the Universe is on to me and knows I often need to be nudged more than once.

The second nudge came from my sister, Love Angel Tarot’s blog, in which she wrote, “Overcoming Your Inner Wimp.” The opening quote in this post was:

“If we don’t create our future,
our past will create it for us”

At that point, I almost got it. But not quite. So, the Universe lovingly slapped me upside the head, yet again. The third, and hopefully final, message on this topic came to me in the form of a horoscope from astrologer Rob Brezsny, who also used the word “wimp.”

Yay, finally! The light went on! The Universe was talking to me about courage, forward movement, and abundance. The Universe wanted me to share this message with you too! So here, in the words of Rob Brezsny, is the final part of the message:

“I predict that in the next few weeks, you will be happiest, and most aligned with the cosmic rhythms if you open your heart to experimental ideas and open your mind to interesting new feelings. Be alert for discoveries that will excite your lust for life. Be romantic, be idealistic, trust your hunches about where to go to have interesting conversations that awaken you to intriguing and even dramatic changes and possibilities that you may have never considered before. Strive to conjure up highly original solutions to your most long-running problems.

I hope that you can stand this much fertile abundance. Some people can’t stand it. Some people run and hide when they are offered the opportunity to change everything in their lives for the better. In order to not run away, in order to not be a coward or a wimp, you will have to be willing to cast aside your old ways of doing things. Maybe you’ll even dismantle and destroy some of the old ways. You will have to invite yourself to be surprised and delighted, and even swept away.”

May we all be brave and conquer our inner wimps. May we be actively open to new conversations, dramatic changes, and fertile abundance. May our hearts be open to ideas and our minds be open to feelings. May we never, for the sake of momentum, settle for less than we deserve.




About the Author:

Having grown up in a family that appreciated and encouraged psychic abilities, I have read the cards most of my life. My readings are non-judgemental & delivered with compassion & caring. I have 21 years experience as a professional crisis counselor & have offered readings on since early 2001.

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